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   Chapter 266 What A Heartless Man

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9474

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In the past, Michael expelled Emily to get the Xia Company. And then, it was Star. He could kidnap Star to let Emily dispose of her as she wanted. After that, it was Walter's turn. Michael was really a heartless man.

"What do you want to know?" Although Michael didn't want to mention Emily, it was obvious that the temptation given by Charley was quite great.

Charley smiled, "It's very simple. I heard that Miss Xia was studying abroad. What happened after she came back?"

After thinking for a while, Michael answered, "Nothing. She is always cold to us and she has developed the habit of not close to others when she lived abroad. She is indifferent to everyone except her own parents." It seemed that Michael was reluctant to recall anything related to Emily. However, he could do nothing but bear it.

However, Emily now was not like that she was seven years ago. Was it possible to say that she had become so in the seven years? It shouldn't be possible.

"Are there any other important changes?"

"There's nothing important. It's just that she is an evil woman. I'm not with her every day. I don't know that." Even though Michael agreed to the so-called deal, he didn't want to talk much about Emily.

"Michael, we are making a deal now." Charley's tone turned colder. Michael knew clearly that Charley was not easy to deal with. He was not powerful enough to confront the Locke family, so he could only give in to Charley's power even if he didn't want to.

However, when Michael thought about this, something occurred to him. "By the way, I remember about nine years ago, Tristan helped the girl change to a new school. And there seemed to be something wrong with the girl's memory nine years ago."

"Memory!" Charley squinted at Michael, "What was that all about?"

"I'm not very clear about the details. But a classmate who claimed to be her classmate seemed to have looked for her, but she didn't seem to remember. Since then, I haven't heard anyone contact her."

Michael didn't know much about the things that Emily had lost her memory nine years ago. After all, the fact that Emily had a loss of memory was covered up by Mr. and Mrs. Tristan. And Emily and Michael were not close, so only Mr. and Mrs. Tristan knew that Emily had lost her memory nine years ago. Even Sawyer didn't know it clearly, because Emily and Mr. Tristan didn't give much explanations.

It seemed that they all were planning to start a new life for Emily, so they would not talk nonsense. In addition, there were not many friends before Emily had that accident, and even most of them were abroad. They would alienate Emily when they were not in touch with each other for a long time. After that, Emily had experienced that, and many people did not care, so Michael was just guessing.

However, Charley cared much abou

to follow him." Mike said indifferently. He wasn't surprised that Charley would discover that. After all, he was raised up by the Locke family, so he was naturally sensitive to that environment.

Even if they had been deeply hidden, they would be discovered one day. But they were not afraid of being discovered, because this was their territory and they were the controller.

"I'm sure Charley is coming to Michael for something bad." Vincent said with a smile.

"Of course! The people of the Locke family will never be kind. " A disdainful look appeared on Sean's face when he spoke.

"Well, you are getting impatient. Why are you so disdainful? Can you guess what Charley wants?"

Sean was suddenly unconfident. He suffered losses in terms of such a problem that needed intelligence. The reason was simple. His speed of brain operation was not as fast as the operation of his hands and feet.

Both Mike and Vincent knew it clearly, so they didn't take it seriously.

"He must have gone to ask about Emily."

Mike frowned. Apparently, he thought of this as well. He asked, "How much does Michael know about Emily?"

They were all trying to hide Emily's identity, and that was what Brian was planning to do. Charley was quite different with Selina. In men and women's affairs, Selina might be wise and successful. But in these things, Selina was far less profound than Charley.

"Who knows? We can only ask Emily, but it can't be guessed right now." After all, Charley couldn't find Selina now. Even though Charley had heard about the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion, he could get little information about it. After all, Brian and that invincible Emily were now in Italy.

"So you have talked so much. What should we do to deal with this woman?" Obviously, Selina was trapped in another room and they could see her through the transparent glass, but she couldn't see them.

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