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   Chapter 265 Detect The False And True

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By now, Marvin had realized that he couldn't take on a tough stance to Emily. He's not Emily and Charles' opponent in teasing others. Moreover, there was Brian, who had been sitting behind them with a smile on his face all the time. Even though Brian didn't say anything, Marvin could deeply feel that this man was not to be trifled with.

However, the more indifference Brian showed to them, the more reassured Marvin would be. As Wyon said, Brian was a reliable and trustworthy person whom they could entrust Emily to.

"That's it. Jim will take care of it first and then Charles can take over when he grows up," Marvin said directly. He had given them a result without considering it. And they had to accept the result.

Emily waved her hands indifferently. Obviously, it was an established fact, and there was nothing she could do to change that.

Brian just smiled.

As for T City, it was very lively now. Owing to the scandal of the Yun family's engagement, Adam was not in a good mood. And as a result, how could Ray be in a good mood?

"Look, this is the choice you have made. The whole Yun family was disgraced because of you." Adam was quite angry. Melissa stood aside and didn't say anything, simply because it was of no use for her to talk about it since Adam had to vent his anger sooner or later. It was just a matter of time. She knew thoroughly about Adam.

Taking a glance at Adam, Ray said, "You are disappointed in me, right?" Ray said in an indifferent way.

On the contrary, Adam was a little surprised when he heard that. It seemed that Ray had never been so cold to his before.

"Shouldn't I be disappointed in you?" Even though Adam was a little stunned, he still couldn't suppress his anger.

Adan couldn't believe that the fiancee of his son as well as the princess of the Locke clan could be so shameless and was a slut. After the engagement party, it was not only Selina who lost the reputation, but also the Yun family. The Yun family had chosen such a daughter-in-law, which made the whole Yun clan become the biggest joke in this city.

How could Adam who had always paid much attention to his reputation, put up with people's insults? And how could he let the Yun family become the laughingstock in this city? No wonder he was so annoyed.

"Well, you should be disappointed in me. But my father, do you ever have any hope for me?" There was no expression on Ray's cold face.

Adam's face froze again. "What are you talking about?"

"What am I talking about? Haven't I told you the truth? When Brian was at home, you just took me as a tool to inherit the Yun group. After he left, you knew his identity and then you just compared me with him. I think when you know the identity of Brian, you should want to repair the relationship with him more than o

lood is nothing. I don't admit that she is a member of the Xia clan."

Charley fiddled with the glass in his hand. He could get nothing by asking a man who was dominated by anger. Such a person really couldn't go far.

Michael was filled with indignation, but he felt that Charley seemed to have no interest. Michael thought of something, so he said, "That's why you ask me out."

"Yes, it's about Miss Xia. I have to ask Mr. Xia."

"I have nothing to say about that evil woman. If this is the case, I won't stay here." Emily was a thorn in Michael's heart. If it wasn't for Emily, Michael wouldn't have got such a result.

"What if I can help you to take over the Xia Company again?"

Michael stood up, paused, and then sat back to stare at Charley, as if considering whether Charley was telling the truth.

"Mr. Xia, I'm never kidding." Even if he sometimes made jokes, he would make it in front of the most sophisticated people. He wouldn't need to make a joke on Michael because Michael had a very simple mind and it wouldn't take him much time to deal with such simple people.

"Now the Xia Company is in the hand of my grandson, Walter. How can you help me take it back?" Michael asked. He believed Charley's words, but the reputation of the Locke family was not very good recently. Of course, Michael had to make sure again and again.

"There are many ways to get a person out. For example, the most direct way is to make an accident and let him to hand his power over to others. Now it's you who are in charge of the Xia clan now. So you can take it over."

Michael smiled. Charley was right. If something bad happened to Walter, only Michael could be qualified to take over. Michael could control his son, Charlie. He didn't care how Charley treated his grandson, Walter. It seemed that Michael was willing to sacrifice everyone for his own benefit.

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