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   Chapter 264 The Truth

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9105

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"Daddy is right." Charles raised his head and agreed with Brian. Now Charles was still immersed in Brian's action just now, so he had unconsciously stood in the same team with Brian. After all, he had something to ask for Brian, so it was very normal to agree with him.

"Charles..." Upon hearing this, Emily was a little annoyed. But she couldn't do anything because she was too familiar with Charles. What she could do was to warn him through eyes and words. However, the effect was quite negligible.

Therefore, it was very simple for them to leave the matter at the end, but after Brian showed that, everyone in the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion accepted him as Emily's husband in the end. After all, Tom, Bruce, David and Caspar had tested him, so they were quite relieved.

As for the identity of the four people, Brian had also asked Emily about that. At that time, Emily was chatting casually with one hand playing with the knife and fork, and the other hand drinking milk.

It was said that Marvin had developed his own power secretly. All the other branches of the family knew that there was such a power, but they didn't know that they would be so young. Marvin actually had foreseen that a new power would take over the old power and have such a power.

"Marvin really deserves to be the head of the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion. But they were sent by Marvin to protect you in the first place, weren't they?" Brian said lightly. It was easy for him to realize that just because the four men cared about Emily so much.

Emily nodded, "I have no choice. You know I'm a trouble maker, and that old man is willing to worry about me. That's it."

Brian smiled. He had a deep understanding that Emily was always a troublemaker. However, he also knew that Emily pretended to be like that to paralyze herself as well as others.

"Mr. Yun, your smile always makes me feel bad." Said Emily while wiping her mouth with a tissue.

"Oh, Mrs. Yun, you know me so well!" Brian always listened to Emily. Emily smiled and was used to his obedience.

Charles was used to their public display of their love, and he was also accustomed to their display of affection in front of him. He chewed the food hard. As for the love of his parents, he felt gratified and also jealous. It was because his father were much more tacit with his mommy.

"Enough! Charles, aren't you afraid that you might bite your teeth into pieces?" Said Emily while looking at him.

"Humph! My teeth is so strong that nothing can break them!"

"Uh, do you want to have a try? You can bite the steel plate." Said Emily with a smile.

"Mommy, half of our blood is the same," said Charles in a sad tone.

"Yes, it is. So why did your grandf

romise. Brian said that she cared too much about Charles when Charles was kidnapped by Cassie. But Brian also became like this now. Charles was invincible in front of them, and there was no way for them to refute him. They only had to stand in his team obediently.

It was within their expectation that Marvin would call them. After all, they all knew that Marvin had successfully convinced their son.

"You must have known it." From Emily's unusual state, Marvin knew that she had known it. After all, Marvin had spent a lot of time with Emily, so she knew what sort of person Emily was. And what Marvin knew most was the way that Charles and Emily got along with each other. Marvin believed that Charles would tell it to Emily.

"Do you mean you seduced my son?"

So sometimes, it was good for Emily to be quiet. Once she said something, the others would get extremely angry.

"I didn't seduce him. He is my grandson." Shouted Marvin.

"It seems that you won't die as you are so energetic."

"Cut the crap. I don't want to die."

"Yes, yes, you are right. You don't want to die but you still keep the people who are going to kill you. Do you have Alzheimer's disease?" Emily would never show mercy to anyone.

"Bad girl, do you think I look like suffering from Alzheimer's disease? I'm..." Although Marvin didn't finish his sentence, everyone in the room knew that in his eyes, he had never expected that they would really do something to him.

"Well, it's time for you to retire now. After all, you have been busy for so many years. Besides, Tom, Bruce, David and Caspar seem not to be satisfied with you now."

The first sentence made Marvin feel warm, but the following words directly frozen his warm heart to a stone, and then crushed it on the ground, but Emily still didn't notice it.

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