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   Chapter 261 Evidence

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"Uncle Qin, no one can change the fact that Emily is the daughter of my father. Since the moment she stepped into our home, she has become the lady of the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion. And Charles is the young master. Are you too presumptuous?"

"How dare you! Jim, you are a young and cynical man. How dare you talk to us in such a rude way!" Marvin's absence made them feel excited and humiliate him.

"Why do you come downstairs? Where is Marvin?" Emily asked.

"He's fine. He just asked me to come here to cheer for you. Oh, by the way, he said he would leave all the affairs in the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion to you." Jim said the last few words loudly so that all people present might have heard them. He said it to them on purpose.

Emily smiled. Jim's deliberate act fully showed Marvin's attitude. In the beginning, she did not intend to show mercy. But now, she was totally free of all concern.

Sitting on the seat directly, Emily took back her casual manner and put down her fingertips, with a cold smile on her face. Many people's heart couldn't help but burst into coldness when they saw the arrogant look on her face. They knew that she would never look like that. Was there anything they didn't know about her?

"Aren't you unhappy that I sit here? But is it because you are not pleased with me? Or do you want to sit in my place?" Emily was smiling, but her words were like a sharp knife, piercing the hearts of people who had been hiding themselves.

They didn't expect that Emily would be so straightforward. Her movements and eyes seemed to be able to seize their hearts. They seemed to have really missed something. Especially the two people below, they exchanged a glance, but everything didn't escape Emily's eyes.

"Aren't you going to meet Marvin? It's not that he doesn't want to come down, but he can't make it. Do you know why? " Emily's smiling eyes swept across the crowd again, making people tremble.

"It's very simple. He was shot and his chest was stabbed. I don't know how much hatred he had with him. But what I didn't expect is that the person who tried to kill him was between you." Emily pointed at them one by one with her slender finger. Many eyes flashed with disbelief; some were deep, while some seemed to think about the next step, but no one was nervous.

So, human heart was a strange thing. In the beginning, these people followed Marvin to go to different places. They supported each other and came over along the way. The hardships didn't drive them away, but in the end, they didn't expect that it was the profit that separated them.

"Bring him here." Emily clapped her hands, gesturing to bring someone there. Jim, Brian and Charles just stood aside and watched it. They didn't say anything, because they all believed in Emily.


mily turned his head and looked at a man who was at the same age of Mr. Cheng.

He didn't expect to be exposed so quickly by Emily, but it seemed to make sense. After all, he couldn't run away since Mr. Cheng had been exposed.

"You can say that."

With a faint smile at the corners of her mouth, Emily said, "What if I expose your plan now?"

"Then we'll let you shut up." Mr. Cheng said fiercely and seemed to look down upon Emily.

"Ha ha... Do you want to kill me? But are these men enough?" She gave a sharp glance at them, which made them look bad.

"What did you do?" Mr. Liao said first.

"Well, I have a gift for you." A vicious smile crept onto Emily's lips, which made Brian know that everything was under control.

At this time, her phone rang. She turned on the speaker without hesitation. It was so quiet that everyone could clearly hear the voice from the phone.

"Miss, it's all done. The subordinates of Mr. Cheng and Mr. Liao are under control. So is the rest." Although it was just a few words, everyone was shocked.

"You, you..."

"Then I help you finish your words. Do you think that I took the advantage of asking you to come here to kill all your men? Oh, do some of you feel being wronged? You didn't attack Marvin with swords and didn't make me angry, either. Unfortunately, I don't like sand in my eyes. As for those unfaithful people from the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion, do you think I'll let you go?"

Her remarks left the rest speechless. Now they had no doubt that Emily must have the conclusive evidence against them. After all, she had even found out the things between Mr. Cheng and Mr. Liao, so she must have known everything.

They wanted to resist, but before they could do so, Tom had already led people in and trapped them. They had no chance to win when they came in, although they didn't expect that.

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