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   Chapter 260 That Is What Style Is

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9591

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"Well, old man, don't sigh. Even if you put me back into the furnace to refine, this is still my character, so you should accept it. Moreover, Emily is also your daughter. It is the same. Moreover..." Jim looked out of the window and said, "Emily need a hand more than I do, doesn't she? Even though it's not important, it's better than nothing." Moreover, compared with him, Emily was more suitable, because he could feel that she was very familiar with the rules there.

Hearing that, Marvin's face turned solemn. He knew that, and of course he wanted Emily to take over the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion. However, he said, "Emily won't accept it." He knew Emily's character too well. He could ask her to deal with the matter, but if he asked her to take over the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion, she would definitely refuse.

A wicked smile cracked Jim's lips. It was rare for him to have such an expression. "Old man, don't forget that Emily is not alone."

"You mean..." Marvin's eyes brightened.

Jim nodded. Marvin was cunning and nodded constantly. It was a good idea. And that person had inherited many of Emily's characteristics. How to convince him? Marvin needed time to think about it.

"Old man, don't think too much. You can use Emily to attract him. It will absolutely succeed." Jim's smiling eyes were narrowed into lines. He thought to himself, "You have set me up so many times. Now it's my turn to take revenge. Haha...

As a result, Charles sneezed hard downstairs.

"Have you caught a cold?" Said Emily.

"No, I just feel cold behind me. Someone is definitely plotting against me!" Charles said as he rubbed his nose.

"Oh my God! Is it because you have done too many bad things? Are you in a state of extreme nervousness?"

"I inherited good genes from you, Mommy!"

Therefore, Emily slightly curled her lip and didn't want to respond. Charles looked around and felt that there must be someone playing tricks on him. Then he sneezed again.

"Put this on!" Brian took off his coat. They were sitting outside now, and apparently they didn't want to move for the time being. After all, they could hear the sound approaching.

In fact, Charles wasn't quite cold, but since his father had a pair of piercing eyes, he put it on as he was told. He had to admit that his father had the same taste with him in clothes, so he was quite satisfied with this coat.

Many cars approached the villa in succession. There were several chairs placed in the garden inside the villa. Naturally, Emily was sitting on a chair next to the master seat which was only a little higher than hers.

A number of middle-aged men, several of which were about the same age as Marvin, came in, followed by many bodyguards. Looking at the situation, Emily sneered coldly. It seemed that they came here with full preparation today, but she didn't care. Was it int

they thought they were the bosses. It was time for these people to be replaced.

Emily had to remove the rotten things as soon as possible, just like the previous Xia clan. Only in this way, Emily could prevent the company from becoming rotten and it was better for the company's development. So was the organization.

"Miss, why did you invite us here?" Many people were quite unhappy with the way Emily behaved and the position she was sitting.

"Can't I have a cup of tea and chat with you?" Many people didn't know what Emily meant, except for Charles and Brian.

Charles suddenly burst into laughter and thought, "My mother's tricks were really incredible. I have to learn how to use them in the future. Then I can have experiments on James and other guys. That will be great."

Brian took a glance at Charles who smiled happily as if nothing had happened. However, Charles always tried to avoid eye contact with his father when he met his father's deep eyes. It was strange.

"Even if we have tea and chat with each other, I think we should invite the head of the family to have a talk." Someone suggested. Apparently, he was dissatisfied with the current position that Emily was sitting in.

"Well, this uncle, you think that I am not fit for this position, right?" Emily continued, but her teasing eyes were full of pressure that could not be ignored.

"You are right. After all, you have nothing to do with our head." That person emphasized the words on purpose and said them to Emily.

Emily blew at her nails and didn't answer the question. But the fact was that many people were annoyed by her casual attitude, except for Brian, who kept smiling aside. And of course, so did Charles.

"We respect the old master so much and call you Miss. Do you think that you are really the princess of the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion? You are just a..." One of them stood up and pointed at Emily.

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