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   Chapter 259 The Traitors

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After dealing with the matter, Emily went out to take a look at the place where Marvin was. She seriously warned Marvin that he should stay there obediently. If he made any moves, Emily would kill him directly. In fact, her warning seemed to be useful and Marvin would not dare to do anything more in front of Emily.

Then Emily ruthlessly left Jim there. That was grievance, but there was nothing else he could do. A glance from Emily let all his thoughts dissipate, and he could only obey. He put his hand on the heart crying, and slept soundly next to Marvin. He could not go back to his own villa.

Charles pressed his lips and smiled at Jim. His mother was always invincible, especially in front of his uncle, Jim. But he hadn't seen Jim's expression like this for a long time. Well, it was good to see him like this.

After walking for a while, Emily came back to the place where Brian was, where she was living. Originally, there were only three villas here, but Marvin built another one when Emily came here seven years ago. Although she told Marvin that he didn't need to do it, it was obvious that Marvin didn't listen to her.

Although this villa was not as old as the other three, the decoration and furnishings of it were all elaborately designed by Marvin. Not to mention the value of the things, Marvin would try his best to find anything that Emily liked.

At that time, although there was not much stuff that interested Emily, Marvin had moved almost all the good things here. Although the decoration of this place was not luxurious, it had to be said that Marvin had a good taste. He also spent a lot of money on the design of the villa.

Marvin wished that the bright decoration style would give Emily a bright mind back then. Even though she might not appreciate it at that time, she would still be in a good mood after seeing such a style of decoration later.

"You do know how to enjoy it." When Emily came in, she saw Brian was drinking tea leisurely.

"Or what?" Noticing that Emily was in, Brian moved aside and poured a glass of water for her. He always remembered that Emily didn't like tea.

"What did he say to you?" Emily asked, pouting. Emily said while taking the water from Brian and sitting next to Brian.

"There is only one thing. Tell me to treat you well." Brian said with a smile.

It seemed that Emily didn't feel surprised at all to hear such a statement from him. She said, "He is always worried about nothing. If you don't treat me well, why would I like you?" Although she said so, she was happy to see that Marvin cared about her.

Brian smiled but didn't say anything. He seemed to understand the way Emily and Marvin got along with each other, but he also understood that they had a deep relationship without any words.

"How is it going?" Brian didn't continue the topic.

Emily took a sip of water and frowned, "A trait

t was time to reorganize it. After all, there must be traitors in so many years. For the sake of Marvin, Emily had turned a blind eye to them before, also because she had never thought of relying on the power of the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion. However, it did not mean that she knew nothing about the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion.

Smart heard the noise outside through the glass window. "Tonight doesn't seem to be peaceful." It sounded emotionless.

"Are you going to stand by them, old man?" Jim said with a smile after he checked on Marvin to make sure that there was nothing wrong.

Marvin gave Jim a stern look and said, "Don't be so aggressive! Your father is not a fool." Marvin knew clearly who had attacked him. After all, he was the head of the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion, how could he not know it at all?

"That's good. Why are you still worrying here? Emily will handle it well." Said Jim in a playful manner.

Seeing Jim like this, Marvin pulled out the pillow behind his back and threw it to him. He said angrily, "How can I have such a son like you? Relying on Emily, you're supposed to be the leader of the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion. Don't you feel ashamed to let Emily handle with all the things?"

Marvin would be very angry at the thought of Jim.

Jim dodged the pillow that Marvin threw to him and said, "Look at you. Your wound must be healed. Fortunately, I'm good at medical skills. Otherwise, can you save your life now?" Jim said jokingly. Apparently, Marvin's face turned livid with rage.

"Well, I'm just telling the truth. Don't be angry, or Emily will surely come to get even with me!" Since Marvin was injured, Emily would get angry with Marvin, so she couldn't find anyone else to vent her anger on except Jim.

"Then you deserve it!" Marvin said, as if he was complaining that his son did not live up to his expectations. However, he felt more helpless, perhaps because he was very sorry for Emily.

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