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   Chapter 255 A Gift

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9793

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In the past, Emily had appreciated the champagne. But now, she didn't seem to be interested in it. She swayed the champagne in her hand, but it didn't taste good. So she preferred the red wine to champagne.

At the same time, compared with such an occasion, Emily preferred to sleep in her big bed at home for a whole night. It was a waste of feeling to watch them, and it was even more time consuming. But there was no other way, there were still some essential audience, such as now when Selina and Ray looked at her, their eyes seemed to devour her, but after all, she didn't do anything bad.

So, people's thinking is really a strange thing. They always thought of themselves rather than others. They tended to choose in the direction they liked instead of the other way. They thought what they thought was right. They were arrogant and blind, and people indeed had a lot in common.

Emily smiled slightly. She also had such thoughts. But the difference was that there were many people around her who could avoid some mistakes for her and make her clearly know what the important things were and what she had to do. Obviously, Selina didn't have that kind of perception. Well, it was true that the people who were taught by the Locke family would have such thoughts.

Thinking of this, Emily felt a little relieved that she didn't grow up in the Locke family, nor received the emotionless education. Although she had suffered the unbearable torture by the people around her in the Lance Watson clan, she now felt that she had found the warmth and a sense of belonging. Emily smiled slightly, which made others feel very comfortable to see her like this in such a night.

Although Brian didn't know what was on Emily's mind, he felt happy when she smiled. He liked to see her smile that was arrogant, reserved, or relieved. No matter how it was, it was Emily's special smile. Before he met her, he had never thought that he would meet such a woman who could make him satisfied like never before only with a smile on her face.

Brian held Emily's hand and Emily felt the warmth on his wrist. Smiling, she responded him with more strength on his hand. Now their hearts were warm. Although they had been cold and lonely before, fortunately they had met each other in a vast crowd and had feelings now.

Emily and Brian didn't know what Adam said on the stage. After all, they didn't care about Adam since they had been in their own mood, or that they even didn't need to care about him at all. Anyway, it was nothing more than a few words in the official tune, nothing new.

There was less need for them to listen to what Ray and Selina said. There were just words of hypocrisy. It was easy to find the same kind of words on the Internet.

But the guests had to applaud in order to show their respect. After all, in such an environment, one had to put on an elegant and dignified look even if it was boring. Of

It was not that Brian didn't trust Emily. He knew what kind of person Emily was. He guessed that all the men who wanted to be close to her had been instantly refused. Therefore, there was no love between them at all. He was only upset to see someone holding Emily in the arms. He looked at the man appearing in the picture, and he would remember him clearly. Then he would go to get even with him.

"Hey, Mr. Yun. Don't act like you have been cheated. You will be fooled by her." Now Emily knew what Selina wanted to do. She just wanted to destroy her reputation, reveal her background, and let the people know what kind of person she was. Then they could make rumors to torture her again. Of course, the most important thing was to let Brian see her clearly.

However, it was a pity, because Brian had known what kind of person she was. Since she had endured the glares of other people seven years ago, she was not afraid now. On the whole, it was just a boring farce which couldn't affect any of Emily's emotions.

The only thing that worried Emily now was that these things should have been destroyed by the old man, and how could they still be remained? Like the things of Brian last time, the old man was so unreliable. It seemed that Emily thought of something with her eyes narrowed.

Charley didn't know how Selina got the video, but Charley was more suspicious due to that video. Charley's eyes inadvertently turned to Emily, but was stopped by a rather cold look. It seemed that Brian had expected that Charley would look at Emily, so he waited there, which made Charley feel shocked and then quickly take his eyesight back.

Brian only smiled at Charley's reaction. Looking at the video on the screen, he knew Charley had been suspecting Emily's identity. Now that the video was exposed, Charley must be even more suspicious. "Selina was really a troublemaker. A woman like her shouldn't have stepped into this city," Brian thought.

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