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   Chapter 248 Come Back

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In fact, in the depths of Emily's heart, she just held a rather conservative idea and expectation for Charles. Brian knew that Emily would understand it by herself and support Charles, but he thought it would be more effective and sincere to let Charles tell her the truth.

Emily didn't think too much. She trusted Brian, and of course, she trusted Charles.

In the early morning of the next day, Emily, Brian and Charles boarded the plane. However, the expression of Charles was not good. Apparently, he took a look at James and then got on the plane in anger.

Feeling a little surprised, Emily asked, "Who upset our son again?" Of course, Emily was not asking Charles. After all, he had already been in the plane. Thus, she asked Brian.

However, Brian quickly glanced at James and James also raised the corners of his mouth. As a man, he could understand what was in his minds immediately.

"He may haven't had enough fun." Brian replied.

Emily slightly shook her shoulders. It didn't matter. If he didn't enjoy himself, they could come again later. Then Emily cast a quick glance at Calvin who was saying goodbye to them. But when she saw him, she quickly dodged into the cabin. She just couldn't stand such a pitiful look in his eyes.

Calvin looked at them as if they would never see each other in the rest of their lives. Tears were about to fall from his eyes, and he still kept shouting, "Brian, Emily, Charles..." No one could stand it.

In the same way as Emily did, Brian turned around and left, ignoring what Calvin had said.

Andy gave Calvin a cold look. "Can you stop being so shameless?" There were so many people watching them.

"Hey, I'm going to be your father. Could you please respect me?" Calvin shouted.

Andy looked at Calvin with disdain once again. He didn't want to pay attention to him anymore and left without looking back.

The only one left there was Calvin. He looked at the sky, sighing, and then scolded Andy and Brian. They were very alike of such a bad temper. But unfortunately, he just liked their bad temper so much.

"Well, Mr. Calvin, I have to go now." Said James.

Calvin waved his hand. Anyway, in his eyes, James wasn't a person who deserved to stay here any longer. Besides, he was like a time bomb in their military camp, so he didn't have the mood to pay attention to him.

Of course, James didn't care about it. They wouldn't be friends or enemies. After all, there was Brian and Charles.

"James, Charles didn't look well when he left. What did you say last night?" Mary was surprised to see Charles look that way. After all, they had been used that Charles mistreated James. Now it seemed that it was the opposite

"So we'd better find a quiet place to let a fortuneteller to remove our bad luck. Otherwise, we will be in trouble." Said Emily.

Looking at the mother and son who were making fun of each other, Brian smiled helplessly and said: "Even if you want a fortuneteller, you have to eat first to regain strength. Let's go to eat first."

Emily and Charles nodded. After all, food was one of the most important things in their lives, especially for Charles.

So they all got on the car and Emily said, "Hey, Mr. Yun. It seems that you don't care about it at all. They surely hold a grudge against you. They didn't drug you successfully last time. I wonder what tricks they will play this time."

"They can do anything they want. I'm not afraid. Let it be." But even if Brian let them do whatever they wanted, they wouldn't be able to stir up any trouble.

Looking at Brian, who was so calm and confident, Emily didn't say anything else. After all, in her eyes, she was never afraid of anyone, of course, except that person. But that was already the past. She didn't care about these unimportant people like Charley and Selina, not to mention that she had to get even with Ray.

So it didn't matter whether they got engaged or not. In the eyes of Emily, the so-called powerful connection in the news report was just hypocritical in her eyes. The whole city reported the news. Emily had already experienced it for many times, so she had no feeling for it.

"But I heard that Selina had already been engaged in France." The marriage of the princess of the Locke family couldn't be cancelled easily.

"You need to ask Vincent."

Emily nodded. Indeed, they just left for more than ten days. They had heard about what happened these days but Vincent and Mike must know more than them. So did Zoey.

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