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   Chapter 247 Sound Out

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9056

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"I should have asked just now. When did you abduct my son, James?"

"Ah, I have to remind you that this is not abduction. It's consensual." However, it also involved the part of abduction. But when facing Charles' parents, James would never admit it. Moreover, he had a strong feeling that something bad would happen if he acknowledged that it was him who had abducted Charles.

Especially when he saw that Charles' parents were Brian and Emily, he felt even worse and could not admit that. "It should be at the age of five."

Brian squinted and asked him, "Two years?" Or more precisely, it had been almost three years. After all, Charles' birthday was coming.

"Sort of." In fact, James couldn't help but have a deep sigh thinking of the time.

"Charles had done a good job in the past two years." Brian had heard a lot about the next leader of the Heavenly Shadow. Although Charles had always kept a low profile, it was obvious that he had won the admiration of all the people in the Heavenly Shadow. Brian would not doubt it.

"What's your plan, James?" This was the point.

"Just as I said before, there is only one successor in the Heavenly Shadow, and it is your son, Mr. Yun. You should know Charles better than I do. He has many ideas, and he will have a bright future."

"I have never doubted my son, and I will not interfere in his decision. Emily will also do the same. Today I ask you out because I want to plead to you to take care of my son." Brian said sincerely. Since Charles had chosen the Heavenly Shadow, Brian would support him to go on.

"You're welcome, Mr. Yun. It's my honor to have Charles inherit the Heavenly Shadow. I think I'll be able to leave in a few years." At that time, James could go anywhere he wanted to. At the thought of this, he felt so pleased.

"Mr. James." Brian's voice was low and gentle, and he had brought James' mind back to the present.

"What else do you want to say, Mr. Yun?"

With a smile, Brian said, "The Heavenly Shadow is not the only one Charles is going to inherit in the future."

"Oh, that's for sure. The World International? Don't worry. I don't want to monopolize Charles."

Hearing what James said, Brian looked at him with a smile, but more than a smile. So James suddenly felt that there was something that was ignored. As he thought of it, his eyes became stiff for a few seconds, and then slowly loosened them. "Mr. Yun, I didn't say all the things just now, right?." James asked tentatively but mostly with certainty.

"I think you might have known the answer to this question." Brian smiled.

All of a sudden, a meaningful look was shown on James' face. "Oh, Heavenly Rasetsu!"

A relaxed smile brok

m to James.

However, before they arrived there, Brian walked out. With a smile on her face, Emily went towards him, "Wow, Mr. Yun, how is your talk with James?"

"It's good. How about you?"

"Of course it went well."

They smiled at each other and said, "Let's go to pack up." Brian walked towards them and held Emily in his arms. They smiled at each other and totally ignored the boy aside.

It was obvious that Charles also didn't want to be with them. His expression seemed to show that he still had many things to deal with. This expression could not be ignored by Emily even if she wanted to, so she could only let Charles act according to his own will.

After they walked for a while and disappeared from each other's sight, Emily said to Brian, "Just tell me. Do you hide anything from me? I don't remember what we need to pack up."

"Have you ever felt that Charles and James were kind of close?"

Emily slightly nodded. She had already found it, but she didn't guess it out. Emily looked at Brian's smile and the corners of her mouth twitched obviously. "Don't tell me that you gave my son to the Heavenly Shadow." If this was really the case, Emily would make Brian disappear in the world directly. After all, James' attitude towards Charlie was obvious.

"He is also my son."

This sentence calmed Emily down a little. "And then?"

"You know, Charles isn't a quiet person. It's good for him to get in touch with these people." Brian said indifferently.

"That's all?"

Brian nodded his head. Of course it was not that simple, but he thought it was not the right time to tell Emily about Charles' identity. She was very smart, and should not be unable to guess it out now. Such a result could only explain one thing, that was that Emily did not think about this at all.

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