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   Chapter 246 Deep Thoughts

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Hearing that, Emily smiled. She didn't care what he said because she knew that her son had guessed correctly what she thought. Now she was no longer afraid that Charles knew about her past. It seemed that it was also affected by Brian. She smiled helplessly at thought of that.

Alan was a little surprised when he saw Emily walked into the room. He seemed not to expect that she would see him at that time. In his impression, they would not have such a way of seeing each other. More importantly, they would not want to see each other. It was impossible for them to look at each other as calmly as they were now.

"I didn't expect you to come here."

"We've known each other. I should come and say goodbye," Emily sat beside quietly.

"You've changed a lot." It was difficult for him to recognize her. Of course it was not because of her appearance, but more of her style of actions.

The original Emily was like a sharp blade that was emitting cold light everywhere. Whoever approached her would be injured. But now she seemed to have found an appropriate scabbard to restrain all the sharp powers. However, Alan knew that the current Emily was actually terrifying.

Emily used to be cold and arrogant, but she didn't seem to be as calm as she was now. At that time, the eyes of Emily were filled with resentment and hatred, but now it was obvious that he couldn't see the hatred in her eyes. Alan didn't think that her hatred had disappeared, but it had been concealed.

Although they were looking at each other face to face, Alan could not feel any subtle change in Emily's emotions. It was really very terrible. He couldn't recognize Emily at his first sight at him, because she had changed so much.

"If I don't change, how can I live well?" Said Emily with a teasing smile.

Alan were startled. With a smile, she said, "I heard that the car accident in T City seven years ago was caused by you. Do you want to deal with him?"

"What's wrong?" Emily didn't intend to explain the truth of the car accident seven years ago, because to Alan, it didn't make much sense whether he would know the truth.

"Well, is he really that easy to deal with?" That person was a devil, a terrifying existence who was able to push you to hell while chatting and laughing. This was why there had never been a betrayer in the Lance Watson's family, because they couldn't afford to suffer the consequences of betrayal.

Of course, except the person in front of him, Emily was the only woman who didn't grow up with Lance Watson but had been the leader of the assassins, as well as the only one who had escaped from Lance Watson but had been requested to be captured alive. She was the only one who had plotted to kill Lance Watson and was still alive now.

Emily was special in the group. It's hard to say whet

ave something to say, and that they couldn't take any action. So they just stayed aside and watched.

In a secluded corner of the military camp, Brian looked at James with a smile, as no one came there.

"I have always wanted to know when my son was taken away by you." Brian didn't beat around the bush because he knew it would only be a waste of time for him not to get to the point. He thought that it was better to get to the point directly.

James clenched his fists, but soon he calmed down. He always thought that Brian knew something, and he had a good feeling. "How did Mr. James make sure?"

Even if he was too close to Charles in front of them, it could not be used as the direct evidence.

"I have read the information of Emily you collected for Charles. It is not easy to investigate it from an ordinary organization. At that time, there was only the Heavenly Shadow which was investigating Emily. Besides, it was all about the matter of the Locke family in France. Unfortunately, Charles was not in T city at that time, so I sent someone to follow him. At that time, his last destination was in France." James had already understood everything and didn't need Brian to tell him one by one.

"I didn't expect that Mr. Yun had already noticed it and Charles still tried his best to keep it from you." James said with a smile. He didn't seem to be worried about what Brian would do. Since he had known it but didn't expose it. In other words, he agreed with Charles.

"But why don't you expose it?"

"Sometimes it's fun to see him trying so hard to hide and play the act, isn't it?"

This answer made James cry. They were really a family. One was more scheming that the other.

"So, why did you ask me out this time? Do you really want to talk about the identity of your son?" James didn't think that Brian just wanted to talk about Charles' identity.

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