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   Chapter 245 Say Goodbye

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9373

Updated: 2020-03-16 00:24

"Why isn't I that want to do it?" Calvin said, squinting his eyes.

"Mr. Calvin, I know you are a man of integrity in this uniform. You won't cross the line even if you want to." Of course James knew that Calvin wouldn't go beyond this level.

"Ha ha, I really underestimated you."

"Don't bother. We are even." James didn't expect that there would be a relationship between Calvin and the Heavenly Rasetsu, and meanwhile, Calvin didn't expect that James would be so frank.

"But there is something wrong with your words. I don't know much about the Heavenly Rasetsu than you, so the business is just making use of my reputation. You should know that in the name of the chief official, people from all kinds of people won't put me to shame ."

Calvin said with a smile. He didn't mention the matter about any useful information of the Heavenly Rasetsu at all. James already knew that it was impossible to ask for information from him. But he seemed to have expected that, so he wasn't disappointed. After all, they had done nothing against each other.

One of them was the leader of Heavenly Shadow, and the other was the commander of the military region. There was nothing they could do about it. The result proved that the relationship between Calvin and Heavenly Rasetsu was very close.

"Since you asked me to do so, I have to do something. It's a token of my respect." James said while pointing at the box in front of Nathan and Ryan. But everyone knew what was in it.

"Mr. Calvin, please rest assured. We're going through legal channels, and I believe that Heavenly Shadow will not break the law in front of the army commander."

"You really have super power."

"You're welcome, Mr. Calvin. I've been in the underworld for a long time, so I know how to live a longer life."

"Well, then I'll take it." The box had been put away. James smiled. To a certain extent, the matter had come to an end.

Andy was extremely composed during the whole process. Emily thought that it was not necessary for them to stay here now that the three had left. So she got up and left.

"Brian.." It was obvious that Calvin had something to say as he stopped Brian. Emily nodded slightly and went out with Charles, while Andy followed them naturally.

"Mommy, what do you think Grandpa Calvin is going to tell Daddy?"

"What do you think?"

Charles shook his head.

"I think it's your uncle's business." Emily looked at Andy meaningfully. He didn't refute when Emily said that, but he was very calm.

Hence, she had guessed what he planned to do. "Looks like you've accepted it," she said.


Indeed, Brian could persuade him.

"Are you leaving tomorrow?" Said Andy.

"Well, it should be soon for you two to get back together." After all, the military exercise

ers. At that time, it's not enough for you to show off." Brian said indifferently.

Startled, Calvin realized who the man was referring to. Andy agreed to his proposal, which meant that he was about to have a son. He was in a good mood, without caring about the ironic words from Brian at all. Now he was dizzy with the news and felt dizzy with joy.

After all, he had long been keeping an eye on Andy. If it weren't for the conversation between the two of them, who knew when Andy would agree to his proposal? In this respect, Brian had something to do with it, so Calvin didn't mind his attitude at all.

Due to what Brian had said, Calvin had forgotten to ask all the questions that he had wanted to ask. Besides, his mind had been in a mess. Now, Brian knew that Calvin could see through many things more clearly than anybody else.

Calvin knew clearly about the Heavenly Rasetsu, about Andy, about the army, and about his future.

Charles went out with Emily, which made him a little bored. He was thinking a lot of things, but as long as he was with her now, he couldn't sneak away for the time being. All he could do was to think hard.

"Well, it seems that grown children can't be kept at home. You are planning to sneak away secretly after staying with me such a short time, and now I feel so distressed." As she spoke, Emily touched her heart.

"Mommy, can we go along well with each other?"

"Well, just go and have fun. I have to go to say goodbye."

"What?" 'Who are you talking to? You have said goodbye to whoever you need to say goodbye to, and there's nobody else that needs to say goodbye'. Charles thought. But when he saw the direction that Emily was looking at, he suddenly realized who the one was. It was Alan who knew the past of Emily.

"Mommy, I'm flattered. I dodged away from you." Charles said in an understanding way.

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