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   Chapter 244 Who Asked You

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Watching the man walk away, Emily thought of what he had said just now. So Emily liked Adolf and the righteous Flying Leopard. This friendship would never change even though she had change her face. Emily smiled and knowing Adolf was a happy thing in her past memory.

When Brian received Sean's call, he was having dinner with Charles.

"Brian, do you trust me too much this time?"

"Are there more people?"

"Two men intended to kill me from behind. I'm almost dead. Brian, even if you hate me, you can't put me under the gun."

"You are alive now, aren't you?" Brian said calmly.

"That's because I run fast, or you won't be able to see me."

"Well. Even if you die, I believe that you will be happy in heaven. I'll remember to burn some beautiful beauties' pictures for you."

With tears running down his face, Sean said: "You are quite a good man. Brian, you and I have been together for so many years. My heart has broken into pieces. By the way, remember to burn more money, the real money. You don't lack money anyway."

Hearing that, Brian knew that nothing was wrong with Sean. With his ability, he would be fine in general. "How is the thing going?" Brian asked.

"I have to say that the people of the Heavenly Shadow are very cautious. I've already found three groups of people bluffing. I really don't know where exactly they are in a short time. Besides, I'm being chased by someone now."

"Don't worry. You won't die." As Sean wanted to test the people of the Heavenly Shadow, the Heavenly Shadow was just testing him, but was it Charles' idea? Brian thought as he looked at the boy who was eating happily in front of him.

"Go back if you have nothing else to do." After Brian finished speaking, he hung up the phone. Sean felt very helpless on the other side of the phone. Brian was so self-willed that he could ask him as he wanted and hang up once he didn't need him. Well, it seemed that he was indeed in such a state from the time he started to follow Brian.

Tears were running down his cheeks. At this moment, he heard the noise behind him. He didn't know what happened, but just had to take time to retreat. He wondered whether he had offended Mike to make Mike arrange so few people for him to deal with the Heavenly Shadow. He really wanted to stand in silent tribute for his fate.

"What happened to Sean?" By then, Charles had heard something from Brian's conversation.

"Nothing. He just made a mistake. Just leave it to him." Brian replied.

Charles frowned. He didn't believe that Sean would make trouble for no reason, and he was more than sure that it was his father's idea. After all, Charles had noticed that Sean was absolutely obedient to Brian's order although he didn't know what the order was.

After hanging up the phone, James looked at the window outside with a smile. Just now, Moore said that they cou

onight was.

"Of course. Isn't this what you want?" James pointed at the icy knife and the boxes Nathan had placed in front of him and stated.

"Mr. James, are you kidding?" After all, what he wanted was not something that could be put in just one box.

"Mr. Calvin, there is something that you don't know. At first, everything would be fine, but something was abducted halfway, and it seems that the people of the Heavenly Rasetsu did it. So I want to ask you for an explanation, Mr. Calvin. Didn't you say that the people of the Heavenly Rasetsu wouldn't take any actions? What's going on now?" James said frankly.

Frowning, Calvin took a slight glance at Brian. The other didn't see it except Emily and James.

Emily felt incredible when she heard that the Heavenly Rasetsu had also taken part in the trade. She couldn't believe it when she saw Calvin glancing at Brian. She had never expected that Brian had something to do with the Heavenly Rasetsu. However, after thinking for a while, she felt that it was not impossible. After all, she had always thought that there is a force behind Brian. Could it be the Heavenly Rasetsu? If so, then what was the relationship between Brian and the Heavenly Rasetsu?

James was also thinking about this question. He always knew that Brian was not a simple man, but he didn't expect that he was related to the Heavenly Rasetsu.

"How could you be sure that they are from the Heavenly Rasetsu?" Calvin coughed.

"Of course I'm not sure, but I can't think of anyone else who dares to offend Heavenly Shadow the in this place, except for the Heavenly Rasetsu." The confidence of James was so strong that it was hard to ignore.

Hearing that, Calvin couldn't find anything to retort. He asked, "So, what do you want to do?"

Hearing that, James smiled. He didn't intend to make trouble at all. He said, "I want to know who asked you to do business with me."

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