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   Chapter 240 Persuasion

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9199

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But Andy was not interested in what Calvin did. He could easily guess what kind of deal he made with the Heavenly Shadow. Having been in the army for so long, he still knew their mind easily.

Calvin knew what Andy was worried about. Although he was willing to offend him, it was no using making him worried. "Don't worry, I know in my heart. Besides, I was commissioned by someone."

"You are commissioned here?" Andy pondered over these two words. With the character of Calvin, who could afford to trouble him? And who could afford to let him make a deal with the Heavenly Shadow?

Andy wanted to ask more, but Charles was listening, too. This was the key point that he wanted to investigate.

Calvin, of course, saw Andy' eyes and also saw the action of Charles. He suddenly realized that he had totally forgotten Charles. Damn it! It was not something that Charles could hear.

"Charles, go play with your parents," It was obvious that he asked him away on purpose.

"I'm not a kid anymore. I'm not the little girl who always stays with Mommy and Daddy," Charles retorted. He was about to hear the most important thing. How could he leave now?

"I have something to talk to your daddy. Please help me call him."

"Isn't there a soldier by the door? It's not a smart trick to ask me away." Charles couldn't bear it anymore. He directly mentioned the truth.

"You know it's an excuse. You'd better leave now." Calvin was speechless with Charles. He wondered how Emily and Brian brought him up.

"You've really disappointed me," He had no intention of standing up and leaving. Calvin was helpless.

"Who dare to refuse Charles?" Right then, a faint voice was heard from outside. Charles stood up immediately and said, "Mommy, it's Calvin. He asked me to leave, and even wanted to make fun of me!"

The so-called "the bad guy first complain" was, of course, not exactly the case. After all, there were no so-called "bad guy" here, but they had similar meanings.

"He is talking nonsense," Calvin sighed. Charles was good at turning the facts upside down. However, his parents believed him because of their affections to him. They would believe him whatever he said, even if they did it just with the purpose of watching a drama.

"Uncle Calvin, although Charles offended you, you can't bully my son when we are away." Said Emily with a slight smile.

"Bully? Do you think your son is the one who is bullied? I bully him? It's he who bully me. I didn't tell you that he didn't respect the elders. Instead, he dared to complain first."

Upon hearing this, Emily was happy and believed that his son wasn't a victim. "Uncle Calvin, why did you ask him to leave?"

"Adults talk. It's not suitable for a kid to liste

use he knew he would be punished if he refute Emily. He had to obey to Emily's words, or else he would suffer a lot.

"Does Grandpa Calvin want Uncle Andy be one of his family?" Calvin words just now seemed to reveal the real meaning of it.

"Hey, watch out your words. He wanted to adopt Andy."

"I think Grandpa Calvin's plan is smart, but I don't think he can get a chance." Andy had a special feeling for Calvin, but he seemed to have more hesitation in his heart.

"I sent your father there. He's a charming man. I don't think Andy will refuse him."

"Mommy, do you agree with this?" Otherwise, Emily would not treat him in this way.

"Do you think the military camp is simple, Charles?" Emily curved her lips into a smile

After thinking for a while, Charles shook his head. There were so many people involved. It could not be simple.

"Your uncle needs a powerful backup. The World International doesn't help him in the army all the time. Your uncle has been promoted quickly over the years. It's obvious to all that he is powerful, but it makes people jealous. If he wants to climb to a higher position, your uncle needs your grandpa Calvin's support, not to mention that he really likes Andy." Emily explained to him in a serious tone.

Charles certainly understood what she meant in her words. His uncle, Andy, would not be

an ordinary people, and would not always be in such a position. He had the courage to climb up, just like Brain. So had Charles. There was an element of restlessness in their blood.

"Mommy, are you sure Daddy can persuade Uncle Andy?"

With a faint smile, Emily said, "If there is the person that can make your uncle decide in this world, it will be your daddy now, I'm afraid." After all, even though they had seen each other for a few times, they had a close relationship.

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