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   Chapter 238 The Painful Memory

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"Grandpa Calvin didn't say these words for no reason. He must have some other purposes, the Heavenly Rasetsu?" It seemed that Charles had thought a lot.

James smiled and really didn't want to disturb by such serious Charles. Charles wondered why Calvin had to do that. Besides, Calvin mentioned the Heavenly Rasetsu. The arms of the military was strictly under the management. Since Calvin dared to do that, it seemed that Calvin was able to make the decision.

Besides, there were also many arms from the Heavenly Shadow that had been given to various countries' army. However, this was the place where Heavenly Rasetsu controlled. It was hard for Charles to figure out the reason why Calvin didn't go to cooperate with the Heavenly Rasetsu. Could it be that they happened to meet Heavenly Shadow here? Or maybe he just wanted to have a try with the Heavenly Shadow on purpose.

"Have you figured it out?" Looking at the change of Charles' eyes, James knew that he had come to a conclusion.

"You have already guessed it, right?" Or else James wouldn't have accepted the deal.

"Sort of."

"Who on earth wants to test us?" Charles asked curiously.

"It is Calvin or the Heavenly Rasetsu. No matter who it is, we can stay calm. Let's see how this business is going to end." Replied James in an indifferent tone.

Charles nodded and asked, "Who will take charge of the trade?"

"Ryan and Nathan."

It might not be a problem. Charles could just wait and see what the person behind Calvin was planning. It was useless to think too much now.

After a short sleep, Emily got up and went to get some food. She had to admit that they were treated very well in the army and they sent her the food at once. She was quite flattered. Since when the military was so open to them? Or they were treated with special treatment.

It must be that they were treated specially. Otherwise, who would treat a person in this way? They even asked the kitchen to prepare food at any time.

Anyway, Emily didn't want to care too much since she had food. It was not her concern to know whether they were being treated well or not. When she just finished half of the food, Brian came in. Looking at the food here, he knew what was going on. He thought to himself, "Calvin is kind enough."

"Where is Charles?"

"He must be cheering in a corner of the camp."

"Yes, it's his style. Do you want to eat?" Emily said while pointing at the plate.

"No, just enjoy it yourself."

Therefore, Emily did not look at him and continue eating. Brian sat aside and looked at her quietly. He looked so gentle that Emily could feel it.

"Did you go to find Alan?" While eating, Emily looked at Brian.

Brian nodded and didn't want to hide from Emily.

"Since you've talked to Alan, I'm afraid that you might have also talked with Adolf."

Brian nodded again.

Taking a sip of the food on the plate, Emily said, "I know you have something to ask me, but you have to wait until I finish eating, or I will feel very uncomfortab

mily had been waiting for the right time for more than ten years. Sometimes, she admired her brother very much. However, they got along with each other for too short time. Before she enjoyed the kinship between her brother and her, her brother had already left.

Emily had already forgotten that happy memories with her brother before she could wake up from the pain in the past. She didn't know what kind of mood her brother had to make the decision and arrange everything for her. She didn't know yet.

"He must be gratified to see you like this. His sister, whom he traded his life for, is having a good life," Brian gently stroked Emily's head, just like what her brother had done to her when she was a child.

Hearing that, Emily smiled. He would indeed be very happy. Except for remembering what happened in the past, it could be said that everything went according to his expectations. In fact, Emily admired her brother very much. She didn't have such a plan.

In the arms of Brian, Emily had never been so relieved except when she was with her brother. When she told Brian all this, she totally trusted him. Or she had totally trusted him a long time ago, but she just found it.

In the end, Charles was caught by Calvin, or more precisely, Charles took the initiative to come to Calvin's door. Otherwise, since Charles was very smart, how could he be captured by Calvin?

"Charles, since you are with me now, you won't be able to run away today," A scene of chase was being played in Calvin's room.

"Grandpa Calvin, don't forget that my daddy and mommy are still here. If I lose even one hair, it's hard to explain. In particular, my mommy values everything of me." Then Charles hid himself aside.

"Don't you know to respect the old? Emily doesn't know how many hairs you have, so it is okay to pull off some of them. So you'd better come here." Calvin turned around.

"Hello, grandpa Calvin. It's shameless for you to chase such a child." Then Charles hid himself behind a chair quickly.

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