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   Chapter 237 Deal

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"Of course I'm looking for your mommy." Brian said.

But that was how his father was like. Charles really don't know what Brian is thinking about. He asked Brian to put him down and said, "No, I won't go. Mommy is really good at sleeping. I don't want to let her push me on the bed again for the time being."

"Well, you can have your own fun. Don't wander around. If you are plotting something, you won't be able to cover it up by crying a few times." Hearing that, Charles stared at Brian with anger. He realized that Brian was gloating.

Charles snorted, turned around and walked away. He retorted, "Even if I don't cry, I have many ways to soften Mommy."

Looking at the disappearing figure, Brian didn't deny what Charles had said, because it was true. Charles indeed had the ability to make people be soft hearted, especially when he was facing Emily. That ability would not disappoint people.

But now, Brian could guess whom Charles wanted to look for. After all, there was a person who had a deep relationship with him.

Brian answered the phone as he thought.

"How is it going?" Brian asked.

"Yes, everything is ready. Sean might have gone there."

Brian nodded his head and thought, "If it was Sean, everything would be fine."

"It's Brian, right? Give me the phone." There was the voice of Vincent when Brian was about to hang up the phone.

"Brian, let me tell you. If you dare to hang up the phone today, I can show up in front of you tomorrow!"

So Brian stopped his action. That was exactly the reason why he didn't call Vincent. He had been out for such a long time and asked Vincent to deal with the mess in T City. No wonder Vincent was mad now.

Charley and Selina were not kind people, mostly because of the Yun family's trouble.

"Brian, as the CEO of the World International, do you intend to abandon the business and never come back? If so, you should have told me earlier. I will sell the shares of the World International at a high price, so that we don't have to worry about it and let you have so much leisure time."

"I have had plenty of leisure time for a long time." In the past, when people didn't know who Brian was, he also had a lot of leisure time.

"Well, what's wrong with the CEO of the World International? Do you want to throw up your job? I didn't complain to you no matter how I was busy at that time and you didn't gave me a lot of time off. You just made your identity public for a few days and then got lazy. The World International's surname is Yun, not Su."

"Well, I don't mind it if its surname is Su, but the premise is that Emily and Charles agree." Brian said with a smile.

"Cut the crap. I don't want to be suppressed. Isn't it not enough to be enslaved for so long by you? What else do you want to do?" Vincent was now overwhelmed with Brian's shameless behavior.

Vincent was really not in the mood to take over th

here was no point in fooling him.

"Well, it's just that Commander Calvin wants to make a deal with us."

"Deal!" After a short silence, Charles looked up and asked, "Arms?"

James snapped his fingers and said, "You are smart." Then he took a sip of the coffee again.

Charles was really shocked and asked. "Did grandfather Calvin know that you are the leader of the Heavenly Shadow?"

"Yes!" James said in a straightforward way, "If he didn't know, how could he be willing to make a deal with me?"

"Then you agreed?" Charles said through gritted teeth.

"Yes, why not?" James said in a serious tone.

Then, Charles really wanted to pry James' brain to see if there was something wrong. "Why do you dare to make a deal with the military in another force's place? Are you going to have a world war? Let me see if your brain is a mess or not."

As Charles spoke, he rolled up his sleeves. James hurriedly stopped him and said, "Hey, be quiet! Do I look like such an unreliable person?"

"Yes, you are." Charles replied rudely. In some cases, James was unreliable.

"What? You are destroying my reputation. Be careful that I will sue you for slander."

"Sue me? Where are you going to sue me? How could I go with you in the past? That's so unfortunate of me!" Charles sighed.

"Hey, you are making me hurt."

"I didn't care. Explain to me what happened as soon as possible." When Charles saw that there was not too much reaction from Moore and Mary, Charles knew that there must be something else involved. James head would usually be out of order on other things, and he wouldn't make mistakes on such things.

"Calvin said that the people of the Heavenly Rasetsu would not get involved this time and would step aside automatically." What Calvin had promised made James agree with this deal.

"Oh, the Heavenly Rasetsu!" Charles squinted his eyes and asked, "Did grandpa Calvin tell you that?"

James nodded.

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