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   Chapter 236 What Happened

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It seemed difficult for everyone to believe what Emily said at that time. After all, it was a woman who suddenly appeared, and she said a few strange words. What's more, their action was confidential at that time, and the sudden appearance of Emily was enough to arouse their doubts.

Most people didn't believe Emily at all. Of course, some of them even suspected that Emily had an ulterior motive. Under that circumstances, it was normal for people to have such doubts, but Adolf didn't doubt it at all. When Emily slowly said these words, he had believed all of them and said, "Okay."

The members of the group were very displeased with Adolf and wanted to ask him for an explanation. They wondered why he would believe a woman who appeared all of a sudden and why he gave this woman so much trust.

However, when Adolf heard such question from his subordinate, he just forcefully said, "I'll be responsible if anything happens."

At that time, Adolf had been leading the Flying Leopard for many years, and his majesty and the promise convinced them. At that moment, even if all the members were unwilling to obey, they had no choice but to obey.

Looking at Adolf in front of her, Emily said, "I won't let you down."

Adolf still remembered that Emily had been elegant and calm at that time, which made people have to trust her.

Later, Emily followed the team, or more precisely, she led the team. Through more than a month's journey, they finally found the den of Alan.

During that month, no one knew the name of Emily. Once being asked about that, she just smiled coldly and said, "I've already forgotten about my name. The name can be meaningful only when it is called by people, which isn't for me."

Emily's tone at that time was very pitiful. She had meant that if there was no one calling her name, her name would have been meaningless, or maybe she had not had a name from beginning to end. Adolf didn't know but he wouldn't ask her. She unwittingly entered Adolf's heart, making him feel sorry for her.

During the one month's marching, everyone, including Adolf, thought that Emily wouldn't keep up with them, but they were wrong. Most of the time, some of their members wouldn't be able to keep up with Emily. After they suffered a few ambushes, when they were busy fighting, Emily gave them a hand and saved several of them.

It was very easy for soldiers to accept a person. As long as that person was stronger than them, was kind to them, and was willing to do something for them, the soldiers would recognize him. Apparently, Emily had done much for them. Therefore, very soon, the disapproval in her disappeared, leaving only more compliments.

However, Emily had no idea of such a change, so she still went on wit

with Alan and the army, and had such a husband and a son. It was impossible even if Adolf wanted to have a very simple thought about Emily.

Moreover, the three of them were incomparably skillful at fighting. How could simple characters have such skills? However, Adolf was gratified to see how Emily was now, not because of her looks, but her state of mind.

Emily was no longer that lonely and aloof as she had been before. Instead, she smiled and felt more dependent. Perhaps this change was because she had become the wife of the man named Brian, who was standing in front of Adolf. Adolf didn't know why he had such feelings.

But that's good, so Adolf can rest assured.

"Thank you!" Hearing that, Adolf was stunned for a moment, but then he smiled with relief. He understood why Brian would say thanks to him. Brian felt grateful for trusting Emily, for worrying about her.

Hearing that, Adolf thought, "Brian is indeed a man that could not be ignored. Is he the president of the World International? He is worthy of Emily.

"You're welcome." A smile appeared at the corners of Adolf's mouth, which was rare to see. After all, in his heart, Emily was different. Of course, it was not about love, but friendship.

Brian also responded with a smile. Charles was also grateful for Adolf. This should be the best warmth his mother had felt many years ago. Maybe it was because of this that Emily had a special feeling for Adolf.

"What are you going to do with it?" After walking out from Adolf's room, Brian asked. They had almost figured out what had happened, so he believed that Charles could understand it according to his understanding ability.

"How about you?" Charles looked at Brian. He didn't believe that Brian didn't have any plans, but he couldn't figure out what kind of plan Brian was going to do.

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