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   Chapter 234 Sad Past

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9848

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To be the spear of the leaders, to be their shield and to protect their masters, in the eyes of these people, there was only one thing that they needed to remember forever, that was, they should be loyal to the leaders of the Lance Watson clan, and be willing to sacrifice their own lives to protect them.

And the most unexpected person in the team was the Emily. Emily didn't grew up with Lance Watson, nor was she the person who had been trained by Lance Watson since childhood.

The assassins were not so-called orphans, but some talented children sent by different families attached to the Lance Watson clan. They had received strict training together, and in the end, they had almost lost themselves, becoming the machines working for the Lance Watson family. No one had ever betrayed, because once someone became the traitor, there would be a more terrible hell than death waiting for them.

Besides, they were both orphans without families, either abandoned by the family, or just single orphans. Since the Lance Watson gave them many benefits, they wouldn't have any disharmonious ideas or plans.

But Emily was different, and she cared a lot. Alan didn't know exactly why Lance Watson chose Emily to be the assassin, so he didn't say much about that. But Brian seemed to be able to find some clues about that.

Alan only knew that Emily had gone through a lot of torments as the assassin, but even so, she didn't give in. Probably because that she did not give in, Lance Watson was even more interested in her.

Alan didn't knew many things in detail. Alan was just a tool for Lance Watson, and of course, Lance Watson wouldn't tell him too much things.

Brian didn't doubt about that. After all, Lance Watson was a man like that. It didn't mean that he was very cautious about Alan but he might not pay much attention to Alan.

"What about the drug?" Brian asked directly.

"She told you everything." Alan had always thought that Emily wouldn't tell anyone about it, but apparently, he was wrong. It seemed that he had never seen through the woman from the very beginning.

"Just as I said, Emily is too tough and she never wanted to surrender. There are many ways to deal with women who don't surrender, so at that time, what Lance Watson did was using drugs."

Back then, Alan was just one of the co-workers of Lance Watson, but he had seen what happened next. He saw that Lance Watson injected the drug into Emily's body and then locked her up, waiting for the drug addiction to torture her, waiting for her to scream in a painful way and begging for mercy.

At that time, he had stayed at Lance Watson's place for five days and handled almost everything in that five days. However, he had seen the extremely terrible scenes that would brought him out in a cold sweat even in his dreams. He had been involved in the drug trade, so he had known that when the drug eroded her body, she would only have three

nything either.

"Daddy..." After coming out of the room, Charles hugged Brian tightly. He hadn't thought of what he had heard just now, and he had heard something about the Lance Watson clan, but he had never thought that his mother had something to do with this family.

Charles didn't expect his mother to be poisoned by the drug. It was so painful. He clenched his fists tightly and his eyes were full of resentment and anger. He regretted that he was not with his mother when she suffered and that he was too young to protect her now.

Of course, Brian knew what was in Charles' mind. He also had such a feeling in his heart. He was resentful and unwilling to accept the fact, but he would try his best to restrain his emotions, not like Charles.

"I know what you're thinking about, but don't do anything. The Lance Watson clan are not that easy to deal with," Brian's voice was cold and indifferent. All his anger was suppressed under this kind of voice. But the people who heard it would know that if this suppression was broken, there would be another extremely bloody scene.

Charles always felt that Brian's words had a hidden meaning in them. Maybe he had misunderstood him. Charles indeed had such an idea to take actions. But even if he took actions, he would only use the power of the Heavenly Shadow, not the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion. After all, Emily knew all the movements of the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion.

But now that Brian had emphasized it to Charles, it seemed that Brian had guessed that the force he used wouldn't be from the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion. Why would he have such a guess? Was it because that he had known something? Charles looked at Brian, and he had always been confused with his father, so he couldn't understand it now.

With a smile, Brian stroked Charles' head, but didn't give him a specific answer to his doubt. Now it was not the time to give an answer. Moreover, he had another plan for the Heavenly Shadow.

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