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   Chapter 233 Ask Alan

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"It seems that you have already known that I would come, so you should know what I want." Brian found a place and sat down. Then he faced the horrifying face of Alan calmly.

To be honest, Alan were a little surprised at the calmness of Brian, which he had seen since he met him. In that dangerous situation before, Brian could take it easy. It was reasonable for the CEO of the World International to be so decisive. But why was he so calm when he faced the real bullets?

A CEO of a multinational group didn't even blink his eyes in that kind of situation, which was somewhat unbelievable. He knew that he shouldn't underestimate Brian after he was reborn. However, now he was fearless. Naturally, there was nothing he could be threatened by.

"Mr. Yun, why are you sure I'll tell you?"

As if Brian had expected that, he gave a relieved smile and said, "I've heard that Emily asked you not to talk nonsense, because she seems to have figured out some of your weaknesses. Fortunately, I happened to know what Emily knew. If I have to take some actions, it should not be impossible, right?"

Hearing that, Alan's eyes changed all of a sudden. He looked straight at Brian and asked, "Are you threatening me?"

"That depends on how you understand it. If you can tell me what I want to know, that will just be a casual talk. If I can't find what I want to know, then I have to find other ways to know. For example, I should ask that woman."

"Don't hurt her. She knows nothing. I'll tell you everything I know." Alan gave in. Because he knew that Brian was not joking. In order to know what he wanted to know, he would definitely do something out of the line.

"Thank you, Mr. Alan."

Alan tried to calm himself down and asked, "Has anyone told you that in fact, you are very terrifying?" If Emily wanted to take revenge on a person, she would absolutely go straight to him, but Brian would absolutely push you to a dangerous place unconsciously. That was what Alan knew about Brian.

Hearing Alan's comment, Brian just smiled and said, "You are the first one to speak so frankly." The others didn't know Brian's real identity when they described him.

Alan was astonished a little, and then relieved, "It seems that everything you do now seems to be very well in the control of yourself. You quite assemble that person."

"Lance Watson." Brian said as he rubbed his index finger.

"You know him?" Alan was a little surprised, but then he seemed to understand, "I didn't expect that she would tell others about this." Alan was referring to no one but Emily.

However, in the Alan's eyes, Emily wouldn't have told others about that. He had seen clearly that Emily was aloof, cold, arrogant and unusual at that time. That was why she had become the special e

ter how frightening or disgraceful Emily's past was, he believed that Charles would totally accept it. He had such a mentality, so he believed his son would also make such a choice.

Alan were surprised to see that Brian let Charles in as he thought that it was not right to tell a seven-year-old child about that, let alone it was about Emily's past. Wasn't Brian afraid that Charles might dislike his mother because of her past?

However, Brian was obviously not like what Alan thought. He looked at him and just said, "Go on." And there was nothing more.

"Are you sure?" Alan took a look at Charles. Although he knew that Charles was a clever child, he thought that Charles might not be able to understand the adult's world.

"Charles is my son. He has the courage to face everything." Brian said arrogantly and confidently. He also gave Charles endless trust at the same time.

Looking at Brian with a smile, Charles knew that his father knew him well. Of course, he wouldn't disappoint his father.

Alan did not seem to understand what was going on, but it seemed that he didn't need to understand the situation now. Alan took a look at Charles and Brian. They seemed to have a tacit understanding with each other. He felt the same intimidating aura in Charles as that of Brian.

Under the gaze of the father and son, Alan continued to speak. Charles didn't find a suitable place to sit and climbed onto Brian's lap. So Brian hugged him with a smile.

Assassin was a traditional existence in the Lance Watson clan. Each generation of the assassins had been trained by the leaders since childhood. Each leader has his own assassins. Of course, there are those who joined in halfway, but they had to go through many trials. They would be more like giving up themselves and serve the group leader wholeheartedly once getting into it.

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