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   Chapter 232 Do Business With Him!

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9575

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"Now that you put it this way, I would like to play along with it."

"In that case, sorry to trouble you, James."

"You're welcome, Calvin. I'm a business man and I need to earn money. I have no reason to refuse your invitation."

Calvin replied with a smile.

After walking out of Calvin's room, Mary looked at James, who was smiling happily, and she said, "Boss, what do you mean by that sly smile? It's not funny to have any relationship with the military, not to mention that there is Heavenly Rasetsu here."

Mary was a little confused why James promised to help. If he insisted on refusing, Calvin could do nothing about it. But apparently, James was not in the mood to do that.

James smiled.

"What's the relationship between Calvin and the Heavenly Rasetsu?" Moore felt that there was something wrong with what Calvin said. After all, Calvin was the commander of the Silver Wolf. Why would he have anything to do with the Heavenly Rasetsu? Therefore, Moore could tell that Calvin was not an innocent man.

James snapped his fingers, indicating that Moore's guess was right. Then, Moore ignored him and asked, "What is the purpose of Calvin doing this?" But Moore hadn't come around to it yet.

"Thinking too much won't help. We'll know when it's done." James took a look at Calvin's room with his narrowed eyes, wondering what he would come across in this business, and what the person who gave the idea to Calvin wanted to know. But no matter what, he must give him an answer.

It was not until a long while after James left that Calvin picked up the tea cup again. After taking a sip of the tea, he said, "He has been gone for such a long time. Why don't you come out?"

At this time, Brian slowly walked out from the door behind. He had arranged a room for Charles and made a detour to this room before Calvin pulled James here.

"What do you want?" Said Calvin seriously.

"I got nothing to do." Brian said indifferently.

"Don't fool me. If you have nothing else to do, why do you go and play with the head of the Heavenly Shadow? Do you think I will believe it?"

"Believe it or not, it's your problem. Anyway, I've given you the reason." After saying that, Brian left.

"I wouldn't have helped you if I knew it." Hearing that, Calvin got furious. Although he knew it would end like this, he was still quite unhappy.

However, Brian didn't seem to notice his anger. Calvin even wanted to kick him hard. He was very cute when he was a kid, but now he looked displeased as he grew up.

But even so, Calvin had no other choice but to accept orders from Brian. The biggest misfortune in his life was to know Brian, and the second misfortune was to know Andy. These two brats were the bane of his life. He really didn't know what bad things he had done in his previous life to make his present life like this.

?" Brian smiled evilly.

Hearing that, Adolf squinted his eyes. In the past, he couldn't see through Emily, but now, it seemed that there was another one that he couldn't understand. It was Brian. He was very mysterious. This was the only word to describe him that could be thought of in his brain. However, only a man like this could match a woman like Emily.

As for what kind of attitude Emily had towards Brian, from the subtle expressions on her face and the words she had said, Adolf had a very clear understanding of it.

"I have time tonight." Said Adolf blandly, because he knew that Brian would come to him sooner or later. After all, he knew little about the past of Emily, and it was obvious that Brian wouldn't let him go.

At the same time, Adolf didn't refuse to tell Brian what had happened to him and Emily in the past. Maybe it was because that Brian was selected by Emily, or that Brian showed a power of honesty to people.

"Thank you." Brian willingly accepted the suggestion.

Without saying anymore, Adolf turned grim faced and left earlier than Brian.

Upon seeing this, Brian smiled, thinking that Emily had a good friend. He was sure that if Adolf hadn't confirmed that Brian had a close relationship with Emily, he wouldn't have told anyone anything about Emily, let alone take the initiative to speak now. But in fact, Emily was worthy of such a good friend.

Now Brian didn't think too much about it. He had a more important thing to do. The soldiers guarding Alan might have received the order of Calvin long ago, so they didn't stop Brian. Besides, even if Calvin didn't order them to do that, in the eyes of many soldiers in the army, Brian was someone they admired very much.

Alan looked at Brian and said, "Here you are." Alan didn't seem to be surprised. After all, Brian was the husband of Emily. If he wouldn't come to see him, that would be strange.

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