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   Chapter 231 Seduce Her Son!

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Looking at Charles with a smile, Emily was a little surprised by how powerful he was. She knew that Charles was good at shooting, but she didn't know much about it. After all, they didn't often shoot, and she didn't expect him to be so excellent.

However, at last, Emily was happy. Since it was impossible for Charles to totally get out of these things, he would better have a better self-protection ability, which gave him the courage to deal with unexpected things.

But obviously, Charles was not satisfied with himself. He put on a sad look. Even though in the eyes of the crowd, Charles was excellent enough. In his own eyes, he was obviously not that good.

"I have to admit that I wasn't as good as you when I was a kid. And you won." Brian said as he held Charles in his arms.

"Really?" Charles admired and relied on his unfathomable father in his heart.

"Of course."

Thinking of this, Charles was very delighted. It was rare that he was better than his father in one aspect. So he temporarily forgot that he had missed one target.

Emily sighed. She knew the feeling of the words might be different from different people. If these words were from her, it might not be as effective as that from Brian. It was more like a tacit understanding between men.

Forget it. There was no need to worry about that. The competition was over. In terms of ability, Emily was almost the same with Brian, but Charles was little bit weaker. It was totally reasonable. Moreover, his ability was still very outstanding and his future would be unlimited.

All the people in the camp was so shocked but they could do nothing about it. They were speechless in front of such powerful strength, so they would train even more hard in the future. The soldiers even began to fight against each other for a period of time because of this competition. Of course, that was the later story, which Emily did not know.

But now when Emily looked at Calvin, who had become very enthusiastic, he even wanted to rush to Charles right away, which made people have a bad feeling.

"Brian, can we have a talk?" Calvin's saliva almost flowed out.

"No way." After that, Brian walked towards the door with Charles in his arms. Judging from the look on Calvin's face, it was obvious that he wanted Charles.

"Hey, don't be so heartless. I am your elder. How about sending Charles to the army? I can assure you that he will dominate the whole military region in ten years." Calvin said excitedly.

"Not interested." Brian gave a simple answer.

"Hey, hey, you don't need to refuse me so directly. I am an old man, at least you should respect me a little bit. You must remember that it took a lot of effort for me to teach you, right?" Calvin followed him all the way.

"Anyway, it's not you."

Calvin was furious, but he couldn't do anything about it. Brian was just that stubborn. In the past, Calvin had tried so hard to get Br

Hearing his words, James smiled. It was rare to see a person like Calvin in such a high position. He assumed that such a person deserved to be a commander, and what's more, he had also played an important role in making a breakthrough.

"Since you know that I'm the head of the Heavenly Shadow, you should know better than anyone else that this is the territory of the Heavenly Rasetsu, and not the place where the Heavenly Shadow can get involved." They had been in mutual non-aggression with the Heavenly Rasetsu.

"Oh, I don't think the Heavenly Shadow is afraid of the Heavenly Rasetsu." Calvin said with a smile.

James smiled back and replied, "You are right, Calvin. It's just that we have never interfered with each other, so there's no need for us to be an enemy of the Heavenly Rasetsu. What's more, sometimes we have to follow the so-called rules like the army."

The belonging issue of this territory had become a simple tacit agreement among them a long time ago. Once one of them was active in a place, the other one couldn't interfere with the matters in that place. They already had reached a consensus in this matter, and if it was not necessary, they did not want to cross over the other's territory.

They were never afraid of getting into trouble, but they would not easily cause trouble, not to mention that they were in the place that belonged to the Heavenly Rasetsu. So they would not do such things.

"What if I tell you that the people of the Heavenly Rasetsu won't care? What's more, there is an army to protect you. Isn't it a good thing?"

James narrowed his eyes. Compared with the last part of what Calvin said, he heard more clearly what the first part of his words was about. No one of the Heavenly Rasetsu would care about it. Since Calvin said that, it seemed that he had a close relationship with the Heavenly Rasetsu. But what was the close relationship? A smile appeared on James's lips. It was interesting.

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