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   Chapter 229 The Competition

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 10024

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Everyone was helpless, but they didn't know what they would feel if this happened to them. Just imagine that a dignified colonel was actually knocked down in bed by his own commander for a few days. It was fortunate enough that Andy didn't kick Calvin away when he woke up, but he wouldn't look at Calvin with a pleasant look. How could it be possible?

On the other hand, with a smile on her face, Emily knew that something interesting must have happened. But she also knew that it must be her son who had stirred it up. After all, her son was so charming.

Emily looked around and didn't see Jim. She knew that Jim must have been fooled by Charles. She had expected that Jim would be defeated when facing Charles. So she asked Calvin to help to take care of Charles when they were leaving. But Calvin was also unreliable, which, of course, proved that her son was smart and invincible. Then Emily felt quite happy.

Even though Calvin wanted to take revenge on Charles, he didn't forget his business. So he turned around and went to deal with the matter. As for how they dealt with it, Emily didn't care anymore.

Of course, Alan was escorted to the military camp along with Adolf which might not be surprising since they had expected it. But James and the others in the Heavenly Shadow also went to the military camp together with them. All the people felt a bit confused. After all, they were the members of the Heavenly Shadow, so if they went to the military camp now, Calvin might kill them all.

But obviously it couldn't be the case. Looking at Calvin's cunning face, Emily knew that he definitely had his own purpose on James. So James didn't need to worry about it. Even if it was not for another purpose, there was no need to worry. Because of James' identity, few people dared to fight against him, so did Calvin.

As soon as Emily returned to the army base, she left with Charles in her arms. She went to the comfortable bed. It was not as soft as the bed at home, but it was much better than the wild.

On the other hand, Brian didn't stop Emily from hugging Charles when they were sleeping. Emily was always lack of the real feelings of Charles. So it didn't matter that she hugged him to sleep from time to time.

Upon seeing Alan being escorted back, Brian squinted his eyes. He had a lot of things to know from Alan, but it was obviously not the right time now. Of course, Adolf also knew something. However, Adolf now had to talk with Calvin.

But Brian was not in a hurry at the moment. Together with Emily, he left. He would talk with him after tonight.

Seeing that they all went back one by one, James stood there and said, "So, do they want us to reconcile ourselves to this situation?" Was they too bold? Were they not afraid that James would do something terrible?

"James, keep imagining. I have to find a place to sleep now." Yawning, Mary went to find a place to sleep.

Then Moore also didn't want to think about it. Although he was not sur

e strong to get dignity. He was indeed strong, but still inferior to her. As for Brian, to be honest, she had seen Brian for his shrewdness when they fought in the forest. But she also knew that these were not all of him. So who would be the winner and who would be the loser? Things were complicated.

Although Emily didn't know what it might be, it was more interesting, wasn't it? Charles looked at his mother and he knew that his mother was definitely thinking about his father's ability. Of course, this was also what he was thinking about. But there were too many unknown things. He would only know it after the competition.

Meanwhile, Calvin, Andy, Adolf, James, Mary and Moore also followed the crowd and gathered around to see them. At the sight of this, Calvin became interested and said, "Emily, how do you plan to compete with them?"

"Well, let's play three rounds and the one who wins two rounds will be the winner." Emily replied.

One target was still and the other was moving. As for the third one, Emily smiled and would expose it later.

So the first round began. All the ten bottles, which were a hundred meters away, needed to be finished in a minute.

"Then I won't spare my ability." With a smile, Emily fired several shots without a miss. It took her less than ten seconds to complete the shot.

People in the military camp all admired the excellent marksmanship of Emily. After thinking for a while, Calvin and Adolf cast a serious look at her, but James smiled playfully.

"It's your turn." Emily said to Brian. He smiled, took up the pistol, and shot them rapidly. His speed and accuracy were similar to that of Emily, which made the people in the camp stunned again.

Emily seemed to have expected such a result, so she laughed and didn't care much about it. As for Charles, nobody knew what would happen. Actually, in their eyes, they didn't know how they started the competition and why Charles was involved in it. They really didn't understand it.

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