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   Chapter 227 It Will Never Change

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James looked at Moore seriously. Then, Moore gave him a disdainful look and said, "Do you want me to shoot you so that you don't have to face it anymore?"

James waved his hand and said, "Forget it. I won't waste your bullets." "What a boring man! It was less interesting than playing with Charles. But I won't dare to come forward to Charles now. Who knows how things are with Emily now?" thought James bitterly.

James just happened to catch a glimpse of Brian, who was still staring at him with a smile that seemed to see through everything.

"Moore, do you know why Charles' father is like this?"

"Maybe he knows something," said Moore, looking at Brian from head to toe. It was not the first time that he had seen Brian like this. That was the feeling Brian gave him.

Hearing that, James was stunned and then asked, "Are you talking about..."

Moore cast a disdainful look at James and then turned to leave, as if he didn't want to talk with such a stupid man anymore. After all, they still needed to deal with the drugs as soon as possible when they were involved in the drug trade. As for who are the traitors, they should find them out as soon as possible.

It was obvious that James was too distracted to deal with the matter. It was a pity that he was such an unreliable man. Fortunately, the others had been used to it.

"James, your mind is gradually drifting away." Mary gave James a pat on the shoulder to comfort him, and then moved aside with a big smile on her face.

James was speechless. He deeply realized that his future was rather dark and miserable now. When he wanted to ask for more information from Charles' father, he found that Charles' father and mother were having a sweet time. Therefore, he could do nothing but sigh to the heaven.

"Put him down. Even if he is thin, it will be tired to hold him for a long time." Brian said gently.

Emily took a slight glance at Charles in his arms, who curled his lips when he saw the handsome face of Brian and said, "Daddy, you're simply jealous of me. In this case, I can occupy mommy's arms in my own."

"Oh, you don't deserve my jealousy at all. You're not as handsome as me, and your mother is not comfortable with holding you. Besides, you're only good-looking for a while. Your mommy will be mine for the rest of the years, so why should I be jealous of you? Charles, are you kidding me?"

Brian said with a smile. Then he noticed the change in his son's eyes. Charles said, "Dad, can we be serious?"

"Sorry, I don't know what you mean."

As Charles was about to cry, he turned around and dragged Emily. "Mom, dad is bullying me. You have to teach him a lesson," he said

artache which could be seen by anyone. His care and attachment were showed clearly in his eyes, while the girl in front of him was lost in his attachment.

Brian hugged Emily tightly, which was like trying to embed the whole body of her in his own body to make Emily feel the warmth on his body, and to ease the pain in her heart.

Without any words, it was just a simple hug, but the warmth from his skin broke through her heart, which seemed to be able to fill her previously lost heart again. Touched by this tolerance, Emily's eyes turned wet unconsciously.

She hugged Brian tightly and buried her face in his neck. She didn't want others to see her expression and feel the tears in her eyes. She hadn't cried for many years and hadn't had such a mood like this.

Brian caressed Emily's shoulder. He didn't expose that, but the tears on his shoulder made his heart ache. If she hadn't had a very sad memory, or if she hadn't suffered too much pain, she wouldn't have reacted this way.

"My dear, you should remember that no matter what you have gone through and no matter how much you have suffered in the past, you are the best gift from God to me. You are the most precious person to me, my wife and the woman I love most in my life. It will never change."

A soft voice came into her heart slowly at such a night. She could no longer hold the loneliness in her memory alone and slowly released herself.

In this way, Brian hugged Emily, who was crying and laughing in his arms and enjoying the best time. The noise around at night was totally ignored by them, and what they heard was the most powerful heartbeat of each other.

Most people might not dare come over to bother Emily and Brian. However, even in this tranquil period of time, Charles dared to do so.

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