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   Chapter 226 Charles Is Here

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After being comforted by Brian, Charles calmed down. He was not afraid of his mother, but because the breath from his mother was so pitiful.

"Ha ha, are you trying to hide everything about you? But unfortunately, you can't hide it at all. Even if you have changed your identity, appearance or everything else, your past can't be concealed." Alan shouted out wildly.

Upon hearing this, Emily smiled and responded casually, "Do you think I'm a person who would hide my past? For the past, I'll only face it. Of course, what way do I choose to deal with it? It's up to me. Don't meddle with anyone else." Her overbearing manner swept through the crowd.

"Yes, that's what you would say. But is it true? Nobody can get involved in this. What about him?"

His words made Emily's gaze changed sharply in an instant, and then returned to calm. "It is..." Although she didn't speak out his name, everyone present should be able to understand what she said.

Many of them didn't know who the "him" referred to, and some didn't know what relation between Emily and Alan. More importantly, they didn't know what relationship between Emily and so-called "him". However, Brian knew it.

"It seems that you have already known it." Alan said. If Emily hadn't guessed who he is, she wouldn't have asked who was behind him. However, it was normal that she could sense the mind of the man. She was the only one in the world who could guess what that man was thinking.

"He is still alive, and you are working for him."

"Ha ha. He promised me what I want, and I give him what he need. Why not?"

"Besides your resurrection, he is the one who will use his dirty tricks to deal with your problems behind you." It was not a question but an affirmative answer. How could Group of Alan, which had been destroyed by her, grow so fast and spread throughout all countries and organizations now without a strong background?

"You do know me well. But I guess you must be very disappointed." Because Emily hated drugs the most. And he knew why she hated drugs.

"How can I feel disappointed if I don't have hope? It's ridiculous." Said Emily flatly, playing with the gun in her hand.

Seeing her action, the people next to Alan all tried to protect him, but he shook his hand and pushed them away, not because he was not afraid of death, but also because he knew that if they did something to Emily, they would probably lead to a worse result than death. Even if she wanted to kill him, he could only accept the result.

That man didn't know what Emily looked like now and didn't know that Emily had changed her identity to be alive, but if they made a move, they w

nly needed to know that she was his mommy and that she was the one he wanted to protect.

Looking at the earnest and persistent eyes of Charles, she seemed to see the previous Brian. She thought that his temperament was more inherited from Brian. Thinking of that, she was a little moved. Because she had the two most outstanding men in the world. She smiled in relief.

"I know." She knew that her son would always stand by her side for no reason, just as she would always be by his side. This had been decided since he was born, because the birth of him had driven her loneliness away.

Emily tightly hugged Charles, as if she was holding the world. When Brian saw the situation, he didn't feel jealous of the treatment that Charles had obtained. He knew clearly what Charles meant to Emily, so he didn't care about that she always placed Charles in the most important position in her heart.

Besides, in his heart, Charles was much more important than himself. His son was so charming that he always made him smile.

On the other side, as if having nothing else to do, James also looked at the direction of Charles and raised his lips. Looking at Emily and Charles, he really envied their relationship. No wonder that Charles would put his mommy at the top place in his heart, as she was so charming.

Besides, there was no second person in the world who could be the mother of Charles. James didn't know why he would made such a conclusion.

"James, what do you think will happen if our young master Charles' mother knows that you had taken her son away?" Mary picked up her finger and said casually.

In an instant, James' facial expression changed sharply. James guessed he'd better run away first, or find a place to hide, because Emily was so powerful.

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