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   Chapter 225 Who The Hell Are You

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9185

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"So what? Did you think of something?" Emily started to lose interest in making fun, especially when she had known Alan's real face.

"Miss Xia, who are you?" Looking at Emily, Alan said slowly, word by word. He seemed not be kidding at all. The people around him also sensed his changes. They wondered what the relationship between Emily and Alan was.

James thought about it. In his impression, Emily would not know Alan. However, he didn't believe that she had nothing to do with Alan.

James smiled. In the past, he thought that Brian hid his identity well, but now he felt that Emily had hid herself well, and they had always ignore her identity.

"Haha..." Upon hearing his question, Emily burst into laughter. "It's funny. I'm just myself. Who can I be?" Emily said arrogantly.

Those who knew some of the truth such as Brian and Charles also sensed that Emily's mood was not right. It was simple. Although she was calm in the face of Alan, the blood kept surging in her bones and never stopped. They did not believe that there was no reason for her to be emotional.

Looking at Emily's arrogant smile, Alan thought that it became more and more similar to the face in his memory. His expression was suddenly distorted. "Don't let go of any of them." He had been tired of seeing any facial expression on Emily's face, and the calmness of all people here.

Unfortunately, before they could shoot, another group of people had swarmed up to surround the group of Alan. In darkness, the military uniforms of every country gathered here, but they came for the same purpose.

In the confrontation, Alan seemed to have underestimated their determination. That was why they were somewhat surprised when they saw the men kneeling on the ground after they struggled for a while.

As a result, the people who surrounded Emily and the others were subdued, but the bodyguards who followed Alan were still there. So the situation was changed in an instant. The men surrounding Emily were vulnerable in front of the elite forces from various countries

In the end, some people had got result. Fortunately, the bullets didn't hurt them. Since they dared to sit here, they had the confidence to escape from the bullets. These people were just so arrogant.

"I really underestimated you." Alan shouted when being pointed at by guns.

Although Emily knew that nothing would happen to them, she obviously did not expect that they would appear in time. After all, she had been ready to have a fight by herself.

She touched Brian and said, "You've already known it?"

"That old fox would let us make the first move, but we would still help us." Otherwise, he would teach him a lesson later.

"Uncle Calvin is really an excellent

rent from what you used to be. How many wounds have you suffered? It's a good thing to live in the name of someone else, isn't it?" Alan shouted hysterically.

Emily tried to stop Alan by way of her sharp gaze, but to her disappointment, Alan already been crazy, so there was nothing to fear him. He was now immersed in seeing Emily again.

"Do you want to die?" Although she was smiling, her words were like a sharp knife that stabbed into people's heart. All the people around him could feel her coldness and cruelty.

"Ha ha, yes, you really want me to die. But can you?" Alan shouted.

Emily slightly compressed the corners of her mouth. "Alan, don't be too confident. After the fire burning many years ago, it seems that not only your face, but also your brain were burnt to ashes."

"Ha ha, it's really what you can say. I didn't expect that my efforts at that time would be destroyed by you. After the fire in that year, you have a hard time, too, right? And..."

Before he could finish his sentence, a bullet interrupted him. Emily took out a gun from his pocket and aimed at Alan. The moment people saw the bullet, the bullet had already flew out near Alan's ear. They were all shocked by the precise power of the bullet.

"You know I don't want to hear you call me like that." For a moment, the air around her was full of bloody tension and darkness. Even James who had been lurking in the dark for a long time trembled with fear, let alone others.

Charles pulled Brian. He knew what kind of person Emily was, but his mother had never been so gloomy and strange as today.

Brian patted Charles' hand and smiled gently. At present, Brian had a little understanding of the whole matter now. And the details of the whole thing only could be explained by Emily, but she might avoid answering the question.

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