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   Chapter 223 Being Masked

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9277

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It didn't seem excessive to describe Brian with the word "legendary". The love from the eyes of Emily had deeply engraved in this night, and couldn't disappear for a long time.

Charles shook his head. He really didn't know whether his daddy were seduced by his mommy or his daddy was seduced by his mommy. Alas, adults' world was really complex, which he didn't understand.

However, he had to admit that in such a night, his father's action was the most handsome and, of course, the most charming, and even the most powerful. They were at a short distance, but he did not see how Brian did it. His strength made Charles very proud, and his heart was very warm-hearted.

However, he had to calm down even though he was a hot blooded man. He had no choice because his mother was also very powerful.

"Let's go." While saying, James smiled at Charles, but Charles then turned his head away from him. Seeing that James was about to cry, and that both Moore and Mary chose to ignore him, which was the same as before.

After dealing with the things, Brian walked up to Emily. There was a subtle change in his facial expression, which was visible on his face.

"What's wrong?" If it was not because of something, Brian would not show such an expression.

"We should have been tricked." Brian stated indifferently, not like being trapped.

At the beginning, Emily's brows slightly furrowed, but he calmed down because of Brian's reaction. There was no special change, but she still quickly looked around. Brian was not a person who would joke around.

After a quick check, Emily smiled with a sarcastic smile, "It seems that you are right. I didn't expect that we have been tricked this time."

Adolf and James also realized that something was wrong. The reason was simple. The people they had just handled guarding outside were much more skillful than the people they had seen this afternoon. Even though they were at a high position this afternoon, they could see that there were some skillful bodyguards here and it wouldn't be so easy to handle them.

But now it seemed that this was not the case. It was too simple. It was usually the beginning of danger. More importantly, how come they couldn't find a few people they dealt with just now? Why? Maybe they just pretended not to see them just now, then the results would be easy to guess.

With a bright smile, Emily said, "I haven't been framed by anyone for a long time. How about you?" Said Emily, looking at Brian.

"It seems that except you, nobody can plot against me."

Emily and Brian stared at each other and smiled, and they had seen the sudden interest in each other's eyes. They had thought that they would solve it in a simple way, but they didn't expect that the other party was

" The unexpected words shocked everyone there.

James, Mary and Moore really admired Emily this time. Brian didn't feel much shocked. As for Charles, he covered his mouth and smiled slightly. But before he could laugh loudly, Emily pulled him into Brian's arms.

She felt very uncomfortable to hold his son in her arms. In addition, in this case, it was safer to ask her son to stay with Brian, because she didn't know when she would do something unexpected again.

The clown took a glance at Emily, waving his hand again to prepare tea. His men seemed to have no idea why he followed Emily's words, but they still obeyed.

When the tea was served, someone specially carried a table here. It looked like that Emily was not forced to come here. Instead, she seemed to enjoy the time of picnic here.

"Please..." After that, the clown said. And then Emily raised his tea cup and said a sentence that made everybody want to cry.

"Actually I forgot it. I don't like tea. I was so excited just now that I made a mistake."

James almost gushed out the tea that he had just drunk, and fortunately Adolf didn't hold the cup up yet. The person who had just been asked by the clown to make tea for Emily lost his calmness and thought, "Why did she say that she wanted to drink tea if she didn't like the tea?"

"Don't look at me like that. I'm a married woman. Besides, I said I was so excited to see the scene just now, so I was wrong by a mistake. Look, you are so fierce that I'm almost scared to death."

She spoke in a reasonable way, as if she was not scared at all. All the expressions on her face showed that she was on purpose. Then all the people didn't know how to blame her.

"Miss Xia, what would you like to drink?" The clown spoke again, but after he finished this sentence, not only Emily, but also Brian's eyes darkened.

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