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   Chapter 219 Common Goal

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"Charles, what's wrong with your eyes?" Looking at his blinking eyes, Brian asked, pretending to be confused.

"It's okay, daddy. There is some sand."

"Let me see." Emily was about to check his eye.

"I'm fine, Mommy. I'm fine now." Charles waved his hand quickly.

Emily felt a little strange. It seemed that his son was not in a good mood today. But even so, he didn't think about Charles at all.

While Brian just smiled and didn't say anything. He finally understood why Emily would bully Charles time to time. It was interesting.

What would Charles feel if he knew what Emily and Brian thought?

Seeing that there was indeed no problem with him, Emily came over to James and continued, "The head of the Heavenly Shadow, I have heard a lot about him these days. It is rumored that he is a seven-year-old boy. I wonder if it is true."

"It is right."

"Seven years old?" Emily seemed to think of something in the past and smiled bitterly, "He is about the same age as Charles."

"He does look like Charles." James didn't say that because he was Charles.

"Ahem!" Standing next to them, Charles couldn't help coughing. Frowning, Emily asked, "Have you caught a cold?" She touched Charles's forehead, but it didn't warm up.

"Maybe it's because of the wind, and it's easier to get cold at night." Brian took off his clothes and put it on Charles' shoulder.

Charles wanted to refuse but his father insisted on it and Emily stared at him seriously. Although he couldn't understand why they were like this, he still put it on. Of course, while he was putting on the coat, he seriously warned James that if he continued to say that, he would suffer in the future.

James only smiled slightly, which was kind of unpredictable to Charles.

"Well, it seems that you should take some medicine if you are coughing." Charles had always been healthy, but it was very easy to be sick in the rain forests. That was also the reason why Emily didn't want him to come in. But now that he was in the rain forests, it was useless to say more.

"Mommy, don't worry. I'm fine. I just choked. I will be fine after drinking some water."

"Yes!" It seemed that there was really no big problem, and Emily was relieved. At the same time, she arrange Brian's coat and wrapped Charles in it.

On the other hand, Brian just smiled. Emily was always gentle to Charles.

"Miss Xia, you are so kind to Charles." James said with a meaningful look in his eyes.

"Of course I will be good to my son," Isn't it a reasonable thing? Or doesn't she look like a mother at all?

"Miss Xia is a good mother." There was an overtone in James' words, and Emily instantly understood what he was referring to and what he was up to.

"James, are you talking about your next head?" The only person that could make James feel like this was the head of the Heavenly Shadow.

James didn't answer, but

m talking also seemed to have sensed something, but this was none of his business, and he was concerned about something else.

"James, you should have admitted that you came here for drugs!" Brian said and took Charles out of Emily's arms at the same time.

Even though Charles was not very heavy, Emily would get tired if she hugged him for a long time. Brian didn't want to see Emily suffer. He would rather do this kind of work himself.

"As you said, we are indeed for drugs. The drugs infiltrated into the Heavenly Shadow. Since you can guess my identity, you must know that we do not want to engage in drugs."

The calmness and indifference in James' words made people have a feeling of appreciation, and he had won the recognition from both Emily and Brian, and of course Adolf beside.

"Well, then I don't think we have to guess the purpose of you, Adolf." Brian's tone was light, but the confidence in his tone was something that could not be ignored.

"You have already guessed it, haven't you?" Adolf was sure that Brian had already known what was going on since the beginning of the exercise. There was no reason but his special intuition.

For example, even though Emily had a totally different face, Adolf had felt that woman's momentum when he saw her.

Hearing this, Brian smiled and said nothing. Looking at Emily and Brian, Adolf asked the question that he should have asked at the beginning, "Who are you? The captain of the Chinese army in this exercise should not be you. "

Even though the name list in the exercise was a secret, Adolf had once fought with Andy. So in this exercise, it must be Andy who led the army, not the people in front of him.

"It's a provisional decision. I am Brian. She is my wife, Emily. He is my son, Charles." Brian introduced them. According to the military regulations, Brian should not have introduced them. In the army, it was confidential, but he still did so.

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