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   Chapter 214 Were They Enemies Or Friends

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9323

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Sometimes, Charles felt the same way. At the beginning, he shouldn't have poked his nose into other people's business. He was regretted poking his nose into James's business. And he couldn't figure out why he would go with him.

Alas, maybe it was because Charles was too young at that time. If he had known that he would have to solve all troubles for James, he would have left him directly in the hands of those people. Alas, the past cannot be reversed. It was no use regretting.

"Charles, I heard a long sigh,"

"Hmm, your hearing has not degenerated yet. It's a very normal thing to hear it."

Then James sighed, "Can we still get along well, Charles?"

"Well, I am not the person who will play tricks behind people's backs." He usually did it openly.

James was about to say something, but he suddenly sensed something. He changed his looks sharply, and then turned to look at Charles. Meanwhile, both Mary and Moore stopped watching the drama leisurely.

"Put me down. I can walk myself." He had regained his strength.

Hearing that, James didn't doubt him at all. He put Charles down and said, "Go ahead, all of you."

Those men responded at once. Those following them would be either enemies or the army.

As expected, Andy wanted to sneak out of the military camp. Seeing that, Calvin's subordinate looked helpless. 'Colonel, could you please not make more trouble at this time? And the commander, is your order no problem?'

"Sir, what should we do?" The two men who were called by the deputy officer asked.

'What else can I do? Just do as the order of the chief commander.' He said, "You sneak up and knock him out before he notice!"

"Sir, are you sure?" Even if Andy was injured now, he was still stronger than them. The idea that they would knock Andy out turned out to be impossible.

The deputy officer said helplessly, "Stupid! Why don't you just change a way? Do you know what is unexpected?"

The two men shook their heads at a loss, and the deputy officer felt embarrassed. It seemed that it was necessary to teach them how to think later. He wouldn't have called out such a group of men who only knew to use force but not brain.

"You guys..." The deputy officer made a few brief remarks, and they were suddenly enlightened. They marveled at him.

One of the men stepped forward to stop Andy, and then pretended to report something. The other one also moved forward, pretending to find the first man. Taking advantage of Andy' distraction, he hit him at once. As a result, Andy passed out in a daze.

The two men obviously didn't expect that it would be so easy to succeed. They admired and praised the young man. The deputy officer could do nothing but shake his head from time to time. Once again, he sighed that it was nec

id of making a bet.

"You are doomed to lose." After he finished speaking, Charles turned his eyes to the lawn. In less than five minutes, he smiled and said, "Russian."

"It's happening so fast. Are you sure, Charles?" Mary asked.

"Of course." Said Charles confidently.

"Tell me why."

"It's easy. I saw their shoulder marks."

Afterwards, Mary was so surprised that she almost fell down from the place where they were ambushed. In the dark night, Charles could even see the shoulder marks of those men who was far away from him. Did he have a night vision?

Of course, James almost fell down to the ground, too. But his thoughts were totally different from Mary's. He was thinking why he would forget that all participant would wear their shoulder marks in the military exercise. He was insane. It was unbelievable that he should bet with Charles. He lost and owed him a promise. What a jerk.

Moore just silently watched the scene without any comment. He was already used to the fact that James would occasionally act foolish.

"Coming." Moore said and he rest of them became alert at once. Apparently, they had taken them as their enemies. They'd better explain to them as soon as possible.

"Who are you?" Someone on the other side asked.

"Of course not your enemy." James replied nonchalantly.

"Who are you?" The man didn't believe a word of James.

"It seems that they don't believe it at all." Looking at the people behind him, James said in a helpless voice.

"That's because you have an expression which cause their doubt." In fact, Charles despised him. He didn't believe that James' expressions and tone were convincing enough.

On the other hand, both Mary and Moore agreed with what Charles said. It was obvious that their boss would make wrong decisions no matter how serious the matter was. What a pity!

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