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   Chapter 213 Another Purpose

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But that didn't mean that they were fine. After taking a slight glance at the people lying on the ground, Emily gave them a cold and sharp look as if she could freeze the blood all over the body and make them unable to run any longer and then they died of the cold.

"Say it or not, my patience has run out."

They took a few steps back. Again, a smile appeared on Emily's face. But it was different from the cold and bloody smile just now. It was like a ghost that wanted to kill them, which scared them.

"Ahhh!" A scream of pain resounded through the whole cave before everyone could react. Emily had stabbed a person's wrist and foot. The blood filled in everyone's eyes, and everyone seemed to hear the sound of bone being broken.

"I've already said that I don't have much patience. Do you want to challenge my bottom line? Okay, I'll take it. You have so many bones. I don't mind stabbing them one by one."

The people who were stabbed by Emily was very pale and sweaty. The place where she had stabbed was definitely painful. If he couldn't be cured, he might become disabled.

The others still didn't say anything, and Emily seemed to begin to stab him again.

"No, I'll tell you everything." That man didn't want to suffer any more.

"Say!" Emily put away the knife.

"We are just here to fetch goods."

"Why are you in the army?"

"They stole the defensive strategy along the border and mixed in the army, not easily perceived."

They was bold. However, there was a saying, "the most dangerous place was the safest". It would be easier to disguise themselves in an army. More importantly, they could take this military exercise as a chance.

As for the reason why they were not found, Emily took a look at Brian, who nodded to her. From that, Emily knew that it was exactly what she guessed.

The people who would attend the military drill were not all under the leadership of Calvin. They gathered in all directions. Although the military system was very strict, sometimes they might make some mistakes. What's more, the person who just left was exactly the leader of this team, which gave a complete cover.

"What are you doing here?"

"To get goods."

"What else? Tell me all you know. I'm not interested in asking you one by one."

That man cast a glance at Emily. When he saw the knife in Emily's hand, he said again, "Our drugs have not only been transported here, but also to other countries. It also infiltrated into the internal forces."

After hearing the words, Brian narrowed his eyes, but did not ask.

"I don't know who is instructing us, and I don't know who is behind all this. But he is a person with lots of

let go of your hand even if I have to give up everything I have."

It wasn't some sweet words, but it was enough for Emily.

"Why do they decide to hold the military exercise in Southeast Asia?" But it was time to get back to the point.

"Either their base is here, or there is a large transaction here."

Emily was certain that it must have something to do with them.

On the other side, they also walked in a quite calm way, but James was carrying Charles on his back.

"Charles, I will be tired if you don't change another person." In fact, James didn't feel so tired, but with him on his back, James really felt uncomfortable, and he felt that Charles would attack him secretly sometimes in secret.

"What a bad end it is! But I haven't done so many bad things, haven't I? I just ran away several times in the open. There's no reason to let me suffer like this. My heart is hanging now."

"Yo, when did you become so weak? What are you thinking about?"

"Charles, don't think that people are so insidious, okay? Look at me, a kind person like me, what else would I think about? I just think that Moore is too idle, don't you think that you should add some burden to him?"

"But compared with Moore, I prefer to be carried by you."

So James replied awkwardly, "Charles, I wouldn't like to play with you if you keep doing so."

"When did we play together? I am always played by you."

"I'm so wronged. Besides, I never dare to play tricks on you, right?" As a vengeful boy, if Charles teased somebody, he would be very miserable. Moreover, James seemed to have experienced a lot of such things.

"Your memory is so bad. You have fooled us for a million times." Charles didn't want to figure out how many times exactly. After all, there was no good ending.

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