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   Chapter 211 Go to The Rainforests

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9399

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"It's just a guess. But it's not confirmed yet." But this guess was quite reasonable, because if it was true, then his daddy and mommy would...

"No, I have to go inside now." The rain forest was very dense. If the base of the drug dealers was hidden here, no one knew what would happen. Although Emily and Brian were skilled, Charles was still worried.

After all, it was the best place for drug traffickers, as well as the best place to make drugs.

"I knew you would do so." Said James. Looking at the luggage in front of the door arranged by Mary, he knew that they must have anticipated that he could not wait for a moment.

"But the rain forest is not as simple as you think." If it was possible, James didn't want Charles to go there. After all, he was still young. If he was older, James wouldn't have such a worry.

"If these difficult problems have to be faced sooner or later, it doesn't matter if it is earlier or later. Besides, I'm Charles, the son of Emily. Would I succumb to such simple problems? Bullshit." Even if the path was full of thorns, he had to march forward courageously. There was no way he could choose except this path.

Hearing that, James, Moore and Mary looked at each other with a smile. As a result, sometimes they had to admire Charles, and were curious about what kind of woman Charles' mother was, and how her son was taught to behave like that.

Although they had almost mastered the information of Emily, there were many things that could not be shown through the information. It seemed that it was likely to meet Emily this time. Thinking about it, they felt that it was not bad.

It had been the fifth day since Emily and Brian entered the rainforests. One day, they found a cave. During the past few days, the enemies attacked them stealthily. And there were lots of worms and snakes on the trees, so it was not safe if they sat on the tree. Therefore, Emily and Brian were always on the alert. After all, they could not trust anyone except each other now. Although they were powerful, they was a little tired.

"When do you think they will take actions?" Emily took a small bite of the food handed over by Brian. It was not as delicious as the food at home, not to mention the dishes made by Charles and Brian. But it was not time to blame here.

Brian knew that Emily was not that picky about food, but she would never let go of the time when it was time to enjoy. Apparently, the food here was not as good as that at home. "Sorry to get you into trouble."

"Hey, I came in voluntarily. Do you still want me to stay there alone?" Emily looked at Brian with warning.

Smiling, Brian replied, "I don't dare to do it."

"You have a clear estimation of yourself. Good, good." Emily said and took another bite, "It's good to change the flavor

ey will shoot at us randomly." Said James, smiling.

"They are not real bullets." Moore said with contempt.

"That may be possible." Said James with an intangible expression.

Charles didn't say anything. If their guess was right, this military exercise was definitely not full of virtual bullets. After all, their targets were there. But when his mommy and daddy left, the guns had been checked. Did his mommy and daddy all know about this?

Charles really didn't know and might only know it after he found them.

Mary snapped her fingers and said, "Isn't it interesting to use the real bullets?"

It made Charles feel so embarrassed. "Aunt Mary, we are here to catch someone, not to cause international war."

If they shot at the army, Charles was sure that they would be under siege. He thought it was better to stay away from trouble at this time.

"Charles, when you are too tired to walk, remember to tell me. I will give my whole heart to you and carry you on my back." Said James.

"Don't worry. If I can't walk, I will climb on your back without you saying." Charles smiled more brightly than James.

"Alas, this is the disadvantage of the children."

Charles really wanted to kick James a few times, but he couldn't. What James said was right. Even if he was strong, he was still a kid and couldn't compare with them in strength.

Of course, Charles didn't think of that. If he really didn't have enough strength, he would jump on James' body even without being told by James. And he wouldn't be so stubborn to insist walking on his own. Or else, sometimes they would be more delayed. He'd rather bother James.

After all, James was a man with developed body. As for if he was smart, Charles didn't want to judge it.

"Charles, the way you look at me makes me feel that you are not thinking anything good." James knew Charles well.

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