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   Chapter 209 A Smart Escape

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 10052

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Playing with the knife in her hand, Emily looked at the people lying on the ground and smiled pleasantly, "This speed is really not quick enough. Do you really think we are idiots and we will be fooled by a sneak attack like this?"

"Guys, we're here to take part in the military exercise, not for fun. How could we be unsuspecting? And you're really bad at tracking. So, you just stay here and wait for the plane to pick you up."

As soon as she finished speaking, Emily walked away. Those people who had been slightly tortured by her were still lying there. To be honest, they still didn't understand until now. What happened just now? They had gained the advantage at the beginning. The one who had rushed up first was them, but why were they lying on the ground now?

Looking back at the scene just now, they only saw a military knife swirling around their necks. Of course, it was the back of a knife. If it was used with a blade, then without doubt, they were all dead now. They had never seen such excellent skills of using a sharp knife in the army for so many years.

The other person attacked and subdued the enemy with a dignified and ruthless expression on his face. They didn't see any traps, but where did the net that wrapped them come from? They couldn't understand, but undoubtedly, they were defeated this time.

But who were the leaders of a man and a woman? It was said that the leader of the army was a colonel called Andy. Now it seemed that he was not the leader. A few days ago, the news that Andy was injured spread out. Now it seemed that it wasn't a lie.

Emily and Brian walked forward again. Among the people who followed them, there was gaze of admiration, and naturally, there was also a relatively sharp gaze. They looked at each other with a smile, without asking who the sharp sight came from.

Just now, Emily intentionally showed off their power, in order to attract others' attention. Since they thought that Andy blocked their way, then now it was them who blocked their way. They would naturally take the corresponding measures. But they didn't know when they would take the action. With a smile, Emily felt it more and more interesting.

It was the third day after they began the military exercise. Charles had walked around every corner of the military camp and come back and forth for several times, which was really boring. Jim only needed to eat and sleep every day, and to take care of Andy. Obviously, Calvin still had something to deal with, but he sent several people with him to protect him.

But Charles was sure that they were here to monitor him. Calvin must have heard something from his mother, so wherever he went, he had to face them. What was worse, he really didn't know what James had done, and he couldn't get through his phone these two days.

Charles had called him that day. But after that, he couldn't get through. He was suspicious of whether there was something wrong with their mobile phones or their own phones, or the s

t out of the barracks in a hurry after he got a phone call. Of course, Charles did something in the barracks, and it was just a bomb. Almost all the people in the barracks gathered there, so no one noticed Charles.

So when Calvin saw the note left by Charles, he was outraged. It read, "Since you don't love me so much, I'll go with my uncle. Don't come to find me.".

Calvin asked the guards at once if they had noticed where they went, but they just shook their head. Then he became very restless this time. He sent more people to find out where they were going. If they failed to find Charles, Brian and Emily would be find troubles for him.

As a result, he couldn't find them. Hearing the news, Andy rushed over as fast as he could and was about to look for them on his own. But he was stopped by Calvin.

At this time, a soldier said that he found two people in the town far away and went to have a good meal and then went to a hotel to rest. Calvin and Andy breathed a sigh of relief at the same time, and then told the soldier to bring the two back, but when they arrived there, they just let them run away again.

Hearing that, Calvin was pissed off again. He sent more people to look for them, but since they had seen them in the town, they were relieved. He told them not to disturb them when they found them again, as long as they were safe. Maybe it was because they didn't get used to staying in the army camp and wanted to stay outside.

However, when Calvin calmed down, he always felt that something was wrong, but he couldn't tell what it was. When he finally realized what it was, he found that everything was gone.

It was not easy for Charles to get rid of those soldiers. He wandered around the town. He had to hire people in the same shape as him and Jim to hang around with them. And he finally got rid of them.

Charles took a look at the car which was parked in a secret place. Then he opened the door and got in the car. It was James who came to pick him up.

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