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   Chapter 208 Lure Them to Come Out

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9234

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Vincent didn't want to explain it for Sean. In the end, it was Mike who finally broke the silence.

"Do you think Emily would wait for Brian there?"

With a panic in his eyes, Sean asked, "Oh my God! Do you mean that Emily has gone to the exercise with Brian?"

Vincent and Mike were extremely speechless. Then Sean was totally shocked. "No, doesn't Brian worry about her?"

"It should be no problem for Emily to fight." Although Mike hadn't seen that Emily tried her best to fight, he was sure that her fighting skills might be as good as his or even more powerful than his.

Mike was sure about it, so it must be almost right. Moreover, considering what Charles had done, Emily couldn't be that weak. After all, she was the goddaughter of the hostess of the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion.

"Brian is so cruel. Are they going to fight together?" Sean couldn't help but sigh.

"Do you think it's a game? It must be because that Brian couldn't persuade her to go back home. So he could only take her."

Since they had gotten married, Brian had always respected Emily and seldom refuted her. Of course, it was when things were in control. He would definitely not make her take any risk if possible.

But it was much less likely to happen. When they had learnt more about the past of Emily, they knew that it was unwise to make her behind them. Emily could only advance, so they could march forward shoulder to shoulder.

"Charley has been investigating Emily's past these days." Mike offered.

"I knew it." Since the affair of Selina, Charley's focus was not only on Brian, but also on Emily. Charley's gaze hadn't shifted away from Emily since the very beginning, which showed that Charley was very sensitive.

"Keep it a secret. It's not the time to tell them. I'm afraid that Brian thinks the same." Vincent said to himself. If Charley knew that Emily was the one they were looking for, there would be shocking things happening, which they didn't want to see now.

Mike certainly knew what to do. In addition to this, he had another doubt, but it was not the time to say it.

Hearing that, Sean thought that he didn't have to do anything for the time being. At the company, Vincent was there, and Mike was taking care of the things outside. That was to say, he could have a good rest during the ten days, but it was a pity that as a scheming man, Vincent would not let him have so much leisure.

"Sean, I wonder what tricks will be made in France these days. Mike and I can't leave this country. Sorry to trouble you."

"Hey, Vincent, why do you always bother me like this?"

"Oh, you don't want to. Do you need me to call Brian?"

Thinking of this, Sean couldn't hold back his tears anymore. The people in France would send the

est action." How interesting.

"You can say that. We both have the true guns." Brian whispered in Emily's ear.

No wonder after Emily finished sorting out her equipment, Calvin came over to help her with a smile, as if he was sending his daughter to the war. At that time, she didn't know what it meant. It turned out that Calvin had changed the pistol for the exercise to a real one. Since Emily hadn't taken it out, she hadn't felt it out. Calvin was really a cunning fox.

Looking down at the soldiers, a clear picture of burning fire came to her mind. In the picture, blood was flowing and the corpse was lying on the ground. The red light of the fire filled the sky. A cold smile formed on Emily's face. It seemed that she needed to take more efforts this time.

Brian was sure that it was not his illusion. When talking about the drugs, Emily's eyes were full of sorrow and misery, which made him heartbroken. But now it was not the right time to ask.

When the night fell, people behind can't wait to take actions. When they see enemies singing there, they are so excited and thought, "Damn it! We are here for military maneuver, not for picnic. Why are they like this?"

Wasn't it obvious that they were exposing themselves? Was the leader a fool or was there any conspiracy? No way. Because they didn't see that they had set any trap since they were always watching behind them. They just relaxed there casually.

Of course, in order not to let Brian and Emily notice them, they were a little far away from them. So there might be something that they couldn't see. But it shouldn't be a problem.

So they didn't have any scruples anymore. They divided into two groups and began to attack them. Of course, they were soon defeated by Brian in less than ten minutes and laid on the ground quietly. Shit! What happened?

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