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With a smile, Brian said, "Don't take the blame for what happened. It's not your fault. After you were injured, Calvin has thought about it." Otherwise, Brian wouldn't come here. Although Emily was involved in it, Calvin designed it mostly.

If Calvin didn't told Jeremy that Andy was injured, how could they know? If Emily didn't know the news at all, how could she come here? Calvin had thought of all this in advance. Brian was sure that Calvin could make him here even if Emily didn't arrange a private plane.

"But you eventually got hurt because of me." Andy blamed himself.

Brian looked at Andy and said, "I'm not going to take part in all the games. I only participate in the game I'm interested in, and most importantly, Emily is also interested in it." In fact, Emily had a special feeling for the army base. At the beginning, Brian thought she was just curious about it, but later he thought he was wrong.

"Emily?" Andy was confused. "Emily is a good shooter." Many of them felt ashamed of themselves when they saw Emily shooting.

"Yes." Brian nodded slightly. Obviously, he didn't want to explain anything. Brian was not curious at all about why Emily could use a gun. She had been in the Heavenly Wolf Pavilion for seven years and many things that happened in the past had confirmed the truth. Brian was just not sure whether she was trained under that circumstances.

"Be careful." Andy knew that no matter what he said, it was useless. The things had been settled. Although he was unwilling and remorseful, the only thing he could do now was to wait for their return.


Then there was silence for a long time. There were too many things he didn't know how to say, so he couldn't say anything. After a while, Andy looked at Brian and walked out.

"Calvin wants you to be his sworn son. You should think it over. Don't forget to give him an answer. He will be a good father, and will be a good support in the army. If you still want to get promoted, you should accept it."

Looking out of the window, Brian said indifferently, as if he was telling a fact. Andy couldn't tell whether there was special feeling in his tone or not.

Somehow, there was a sense of injury in his heart, but Andy could not expect anything more. If he could get the support of Calvin, would Brian completely give up on him? But Andy could only think about it in his heart, afraid that the answer would not be what he wanted to hear.

When Emily came back, she didn't take Charles with her. She had asked Jim to take care of him.

"Had he left?"


"I guess he may be upset and worried abou

days of adventure.

However, people in T City were not as happy as Emily and Brian. After receiving the call from Brian, Vincent was really shocked.

"What did he say?"

"He said he would come back in ten days. No matter what happens here, we have to take charge of it. Hehe..." With a false smile, Vincent said, "He is indeed our boss. He was idle when he hadn't announced his identity in public. But after he announced his identity, he still has so much leisure time. Does the World International belong to us?"

Vincent was finally going to get mad, because there must be some trouble in T City these days. At this time, Brian unexpectedly went out for relaxation. Vincent thought that Brian had gone too far this time.

Mike, on the other hand, wasn't as angry as Vincent. He frowned a little and said, "I suppose the military exercise is being conducted there. I remember it will be over in half a month."

Immediately, Vincent understood what Mike meant. "Really?"

"What do you think?" Mike asked.

"He really has the time. Why does he take part in it?" Brian even left the whole World International to them.

"He deserves to be our boss." Hearing that, Sean could not help but clap, but he was stopped by Vincent's apathetic sight.

"You know Brian. He cares about Andy. Moreover, there is an old man as cunning as a fox in the army. Maybe Brian didn't mean to do it." They knew what kind of person Calvin was.

Vincent didn't want to say anything more.

"Well, he can participate in it. Why didn't he send Emily and Charles back?" Sean felt that it was strange that Emily and Charles would stay in the military camp for ten days.

Vincent looked at Sean, thinking that he was silly, which was a big blow to Sean.

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