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   Chapter 206 I Have Some Opinions

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9847

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"I have an opinion." When everyone nodded with a smile, a clear female voice suddenly came out. Everyone looked at the direction of the voice, and recognized that it was nobody else but Emily, who was sitting there gracefully.

The crowd were confused. Emily had some opinions. Was she afraid that something bad might happen to Brian? They didn't understand. Only Brian slightly shook his head with a smile, as if he had expected that Emily would react like that.

"Emily, what's your opinion?" Besides, compared to people inside, Calvin thought that Emily was more difficult to deal with.

"Uncle, you've pushed my husband to the battlefield. Am I not allowed to have any comment on it?"

Calvin was flustered. In all these years, the person who could speak with such an attitude in front of him was either Brian or Andy. Of course, Andy was quite serious and was not as random as Emily. Alas, Calvin knew very well that it was not easy to get on with a woman like Emily, but he had no choice. And that was exactly what Calvin was afraid of.

"Emily, you have to believe that your husband will be fine because he is a wicked man."

It was hard to tell whether Calvin was praising Brian or not. But it didn't matter. Emily didn't need to find it out.

"Who knows? Is it right, Charles?" Emily gave Charles a meaningful look. It was obviously saying that your father was going to the battlefield and you should say something.

Hence, in an instant, Charles responded, "Yes, Mommy, you are right. If anything bad happens to my daddy, I will cry at your door every day, so that you can't sleep at all, Grandpa."

Calvin didn't know what to say suddenly. Charles and Brian had a lot in common. That was to say, Charles wasn't merely saying it, but he could really do such a thing. Thinking of this, Calvin suddenly felt that his future life was quite dark.

"What do you want, Emily?" Like Brian could guess what Calvin was thinking, Calvin could also see through what Emily was thinking.

"It's very simple. I will follow Brian. Of course, I am not asking for your opinion, but telling you the corresponding result." Said Emily with a smile. Of course, she didn't need to tell Calvin that she would follow Brian directly.

But because Emily liked Calvin, it would be a little indecent not to tell him. What's more, she had to find a reassuring person to watch over Charles. It was quite easy for Charles to cheat Jim, and if the opponent was Calvin, the result would be uncertain.

"Nonsense! Is that a place where you can go? No, I don't allow it."

"Oh! As I said just now, I'm talking about the result, not your opinion. "

"I said no and that's it." Calvin was tough in certain ways, and it was really dangerous. He worried about Emily.

Andy's face was also very serious. Emily could do nothing about it but only sighed that she was not trusted by them. Emily patted Charles on the shoulder and asked him to s

ation in her eyes. Charles knew that no matter what he said this time, she would not change her mind, so he had to stay here obediently.

Emily and Brian hold the same view on this matter. Not because they doubted Charles' ability, but because they wanted to try their best to give him a peaceful and stable life. Moreover, this time they were facing an international army, so Brian would not let Charles take a risk.

Since both of them had known what each other was thinking, there was no use for them to pester each other.

"So you must remember to come back safely. Of course, I don't mind if you bringing me some gifts." Said Charles.

With a smile, Emily held him in her arms and comforted, "Don't worry. I've never done anything that I'm not sure of."

Charles nodded. He knew well about his mother but he also knew that what he had known was just part of his mother.

Then he hugged his mother tightly and said, "Mommy, you must remember to miss me every day."

"Okay." After hugging Emily for a while, Charles also threw himself into Brian's arms.

"Daddy, I have handed over my mother to you and you two should come back safely. Of course, it doesn't matter if you miss me or not every day. You can just miss me once every two days."

As he said, he hugged Brian with great force. Brian smiled and replied, "I will."

Charles nodded. At this time, Andy appeared in front of the door. Emily smiled at him. Obviously, Andy had something to say to Brian.

"Charles, let's go out and enjoy the night view."

Seeing that, Charles held the hand of Emily obediently and then left with her.

Brian calmly sat down and said, "What do you want to say?" Otherwise, Andy wouldn't be here at this time, although it was something within Brian's expectations.

"You wouldn't have agreed if I weren't involved. You shouldn't risk your life because of me." Although the military exercise was like the real war, it was still full of danger.

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