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   Chapter 204 Get Caught

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"So, can you give us an advice?" Calvin was straightforward when talking with Brian. But he wasn't like that when playing tricks with Brian.

"I have said, I asked the wrong person."

"Damn it! Don't you know I have said much just now? If you don't consider it carefully, I'll tell Emily. I'm sure Emily will be on my side."

"Of course. As long as you don't feel ashamed of yourself in front of all the soldiers, I don't mind." Brian said indifferently.

"Son of a bitch, I know you're a wolf covered with a mask. You're so cunning and insidious." Calvin knew that since Brian said so, he would surely make it come into reality.

"We are alike." No one knew what kind of person Calvin was, but Brian knew him well, even though they hadn't seen each other for so many years.

With that, Brian stood up and left resolutely. Looking at him, Calvin knew even though he didn't say anything, he would give him an answer in the end. It was because both of them were so arrogant.

Charles had spent quite a lot of time sneaking into the army base. Of course, everything was good except some places that were not aboveboard. But some places that he couldn't go into directly didn't mean that he couldn't sneak in.

It might take him some time to get rid of the soldiers on duty and get inside. But he could always find a way to do it. What's more, the more challenging the thing was, the more interesting it would be, wouldn't it? If Emily knew that Charles would be like this after letting him go out, she would be very surprised.

But Emily always spoke for her son in face of others. So there was no way for her to teach Charles a lesson. Instead, she would touch him on the forehead and praise him hard. Of course, Charles shouldn't get into danger at least.

When Emily saw Brian, she walked up to him with a smile. "Did Uncle tell you something interesting?"

"Nothing. Did you go to the ward?"

"Yes. I came here to visit the patient and I have to ensure his health."

"How is it going?"

"According to what Jim said, his recuperation would be better after ten days or half a month. Of course, the premise was that he would be lying on the bed obediently. But Andy doesn't look like a person who will lie on the bed quietly. Besides, he is quite concerned about tomorrow's military exercise. I wonder if he will suddenly stand up to take part in it. Oh, if he goes to attend it, his legs will be very weak and he will never be able to stand up again. "

But those who knew the truth always had the feeling that Emily was exaggerating the thing. It seemed that what she said was true. But why did she made the thing look like this? They didn't understand.

After thinking for a while, Brian answered, "Don't

my for so many years. How could they be so simple and kind-hearted? At last, Calvin concluded that the acting skills of Emily and Charles were so excellent that the heartless soldiers were touched.

"Uncle, you're wrong. I'm really worried about my little son. Look at the occasion. How can I calm down?" Said Emily while raising her head.

"That's right. Grandpa, I'm really scared. I'm only seven years old, but I've never seen such frightening scene before." Agreed Charles.

The expressions of the mother and the child were quite similar, which made Calvin sigh. The innocent eyes of Charles had already melted people's heart, and now with the help of Emily, it was hard for Calvin to get rid of their tricks.

"Stop it. If you two can be frightened by this situation, should I feel honored?"

"Humph!" Emily curled her lips.

"Why do you treat me like this? I'm just a seven-year-old kid. It's cruel to destroy a kid's self-confidence like this. If I'm hurt physically and mentally in the future, you have to take the responsibility to raise me. Okay?"

"Don't worry. I don't mind giving you a little bed here."

"Come on!" Charles sneered. He was not satisfied that he didn't fool Calvin successfully, but he still thought that he had benefited a lot since Calvin was a man of high position in the army.

The soldiers knew what was going on when they saw the amazement on the faces of Emily and Charles. They just wanted to have fun like this. The soldiers were speechless as they felt extremely sympathetic and ashamed just now.

"So why do you make such a grand scene as you have known it?" Emily dragged Charles to her seat and put him on her laps. Although they were just kidding, she was still worried that some people might make some accusations to Charles. After all, they were in the army.

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