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   Chapter 196 th Banquet (Part Two)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 6545

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"What do you think of my chess skills, Emily?" Jeremy didn't take Emily's boldness seriously. After all, Jeremy liked Emily very much thinking that she was a good match for Brian.

"I don't know how to play chess." It was even a headache to watch the chess. She didn't want to waste that brain cell, but she could play chess for the simplified version.

"Duan family is a military family, and uncle Duan is also trained as a soldier. Although he doesn't join the army, there are many things in his bones that can't be changed."

As soon as Brian said this, Emily immediately understood how silly the question she asked was. The military paid attention to the strategic layout and the static brake, and so did the chess. So there was no reason to doubt about Jeremy's chess skills.

"Are you that good at chess?" Of course, Jeremy was excellent in chess. When did Brian practice to play chess? Why did he practice it? Did he use his chess skills to hook up with beautiful women? It was obviously unreasonable.

"Well, what are you thinking about all day long?" Brian shook his head. He didn't know all the thoughts in Emily's mind, but he could guess almost 99% of them.

"Uncle Jeremy taught me how to play chess. My grandfather also likes playing chess, so I play chess by chance."

Damn it! Brian could be so excellent although he only practiced it by chance. Brian's brain cells are really going to be incredible.

"Let's go and have dinner." Jeremy looked at Brian and Emily, and felt relieved to see that the two of them got along well.

At the table, Emily looked at the dishes and said, "Murphy, did you make them?" It seemed unbelievable.

"Of course, but I just made a few." Murphy smiled.

"Yo, girl, I didn't even know you could cook."

"Sister Emily, don't look down upon me. When I was abroad, I often cooked. Besides, they are all simple dishes. They are not hard."

"I didn't look down upon you. Don't you see that

ry too much." Brian knew what to do.

"Well, you have your plan, so I won't say anything more." Anyway, Jeremy was not an indiscriminate person, nor was he extremely kind to let Brian simply let go of those who bullied him.

"I asked you about it casually. I asked you to come today mainly because of something important."

Brian frowned. Emily didn't say anything, but what Jeremy wanted to say seriously shouldn't be a simple thing.

"Recently, there has been an simulation exercise in the world, and some people from our military region have participated in it."

"Yes." Even if Brian was not in the military region, Brian knew about all the things in the whole city. So Brian naturally knew about such things like the exercise.

"He was injured. There was no danger to his life, but it seemed that he was also seriously injured."

Brian's expression was calm, "When did it happen?"

"Three days ago. The message was not sent back. I heard it when I was talking with the commander today." Jeremy said slowly. Brian resembled the child a lot, much more than Ray.

"At the place of the exercise?"

"It's okay to take a long distance transportation. However, there is still half a month before the end of the exercise. According to his temperament, he won't come back." Jeremy smiled.

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