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   Chapter 195 th Banquet (Part One)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 6490

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But Star didn't know what to do. Did she still have the qualifications, the courage to pursue Sawyer and the strength to bear the same marriage? She really didn't know. Her fingers fumbled on the coffee cup time to time. As expected, the residual temperature could only be residual and could not be kept forever.

To solve this matter is to let go of a burden in her heart. Sometimes it is more difficult to forgive than to hate, but there is no way. Even the God has given Star a chance to repent, and Emily should give her a chance for the God's sake.

As for Sawyer and Star, this was not something she could manage, but as a result, Emily still knew that the so-called love was not about whether they were qualified or not, but whether they were in love or not.

Seeing that the phone call was from Brian, Emily smiled slightly.

"Is everything settled?" Brian's pleasant voice came out from the phone.

"Yo, Mr. Yun, how do you know?" Emily smiled, but there was no surprise in her tone.

"I know something about you. Besides, I don't think you can sleep at ease if you don't handle it well."

"Mr. Yun is really my confidant."

"I don't want to be a confidant of you. I just want to be the husband of you."

Emily listened with a sweet smile and said, "For the sake of how rich and handsome you are to support me, Mr. Yun, I will give you a chance."

"Thank you for your kindness, Miss Emily."

"You're welcome. What's the matter? Ray didn't go to ask you?"

"Well, he came and left."

"Oh, what did he say?"

"It's nothing important."

"Well, do you think Ray will find someone to trick you again?"

"If that's the case, please help me, my wife."

"It's easy, it's easy. I will cheer for you, Mr. Yun, and at the same time appreciate the beautiful figure of you when you are fighting, Mr. Yun." said Emily.

Brian knew that Emily would say so, but it was precisely because of Emily's words that he

ke his mother and make food like poison bombs? He can't help but signed, "Who can come to save my stomach and my life?"

The door of the study was open, and Emily went in naturally. As expected, Brian and Jeremy were playing chess. Emily was really shocked by Brian again. She didn't expect that Brian really knew how to play chess. Well, it seemed that he played well.

Brian looked at Emily who walked behind him and said, "You come faster than I thought. Did you race? "

"How could it be possible? I don't need to rush, and I can also throw others one hundred and eight thousand miles."

"Oh, Miss Emily is really good at it." When the pieces fell on the chessboard and made a brick sound, Emily felt a little bit guilty for no reason. Why on earth? She had experienced faster speed before, and this speed was nothing.

"Well, play chess, just play chess, don't you see Uncle Duan has already played?" Emily took the time to change the topic.

Looking at Emily and Brian, Jeremy found that they were a perfect couple.

The final result was naturally that Brian won, which surprised Emily a lot. Instead of asking Brian, she asked Jeremy directly, "Uncle Duan, is your chess skill not good?"

Don't blame Emily for being so impolite. It's just that Brian doesn't match chess.

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