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   Chapter 193 The Past (Part Two)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 6449

Updated: 2020-03-03 00:33

Emiy drove to a relatively small design company in the city. The company was not big, but looking at the surrounding environment from outside, it was elegant and refined. After all, it was a company dedicated to design, so it was reasonable to have such design.

Although the company's size was not big, it was still a little famous. It seemed that many of the wealthy houses in the city were reserved by this company. But it was said that the boss had a very unique temper. If he was not so strange, how could he accept Star at the beginning?

This was the company where Star now worked. In the past, she originally belonged to a large company. However, since the wedding ceremony, her reputation had declined by leaps and bounds. Although some people were still afraid of her identity, there might be many people who mocked her behind her.

Later, Star would go to work here. It might be a little small for Star who might go too far to pursue power and status, but it might also seem that she worked hard here.

Star was also a talented person. When she studied design abroad, she also won many awards. She was just fooled by a relationship and did something wrong. Then she got the current result.

Emily got off the car and leaned against the front of the car to look at the company in front of her. She took out her mobile phone and was about to call Star.

At the same time, Star came out of the building and saw a client off.

"Miss Xia, you have a good eye for design. We really like your design."

"Thanks for your praise."

One of them looked at Star and said, "To be honest, we might not completely trust you at the beginning, because... You also know that in business, people always attach great importance to reputation, but today you have shown us your ability. You're really capable."

"I see. Thank you." Star, of course, knew what he wanted to say. Yes, she had done something wrong. Even af

iding her feelings at all."

Hearing her words, Sawyer could not help but think about it. To be honest, he still believed that Star had a crush on him. However, he was a little doubtful about what he had determined to believe by the appearance of Star lately.

"What's more, you are the one who Star has gone through all sorts of hardships to steal from me. She have loved you for so many years and worked so hard to design a plot. It will be good if she really has let it go." Now when she slightly mentioned this matter, Emily didn't gnash her teeth anymore. After all, many things had changed her mind.

Sawyer tacitly looked at Emily. It was his biggest regret in his life, which could no longer be made up. Even if she really did something to them, they could only bear it. He was relieved when he sensed Emily had let it go.

"What should I do?"

Hearing that, Emily didn't know whether she should laugh or cry. She said, "Brother, this is about your relationship. I'm not an expert in it. If you ask me, who should I ask?"

It was very rude of Sawyer to say so. It was generous of Emily to analyze it to him. But Sawyer even asked her what to do next. She was really speechless. Even if she didn't care it now, she wouldn't be so kind. Did she look like a Virgin Mary?

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