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   Chapter 190 Rumors About The Yun Family (Part Two)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 5538

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After eating up, Brian said, "I'll take him and go to the World International. You can go upstairs, take a shower and have a good sleep." After all, they were really crazy last night.

Emily waved her hand slightly. She knew that Brian couldn't have a rest even though he really wanted to. He guessed that before long, Ray would go to the World International. However, it didn't matter. He had reaped the fruits of his own actions.

When they escaped from the encirclement of so many reporters, Ray and Selina quickly left, not caring what to say to each other.

When Ray arrived home, he saw Adam throw the newspaper on the ground with a blue face. "What's going on? When did you date the lady of the Locke clan?"

Although they didn't meet each other for a few times, Adam had a bad impression of the Locke clan. Their frivolous look in Jeremy's birthday party was deeply engraved on his mind and he was disgusted.

Actually, Ray intended to explain it to Adam, but after he saw the look and the expression in his father's eyes, he thought that it was unnecessary to explain it to Adam. Anyway, his father would not listen to him now.

"It has been a while. Is it okay for me to have a girlfriend?" A little more honesty was written all over his face, and Ray didn't care if what he said was true or not.

"Girlfriend? Why did you have to look for the members of the Locke family? Can you get along well with this kind of women? Do you know the depth of the Locke family? Do you know what kind of person the woman is?"

"It's my business. You don't have to worry about it." Since it was rare that Ray contradicted Adam, he immediately go

th of them have feelings for each other."

Melissa said slowly and carefully, for fear of seeing Adam's rage, but apparently her mildness didn't work on him. He directly went upstairs as he saw her, not in the mood to eat.

Charley was not in a good mood since Selina went back. He had been back to France to deal with family issues for a few days, but all had changed and it was out of his expectation.

"Where is your intelligence? Aren't you always smart? I wouldn't mind if you played tricks in the past, as long as you didn't get caught on the spot. But now it seems that you have embarrassed the Locke family."

Selina glared at Charley, and Charley cast a scornful glance at her. "I have told you not to mess with Brian many times, but you didn't take it to heart. Brian and Emily are not to be trifled with. Can't you see that after so many confrontations? Or are you both mentally and emotionally influenced by Brian?"

"You've done a lot of horrible things this time. I want to ask you to go back to France." Charley said indifferently. He didn't want to say anything more about Selina.

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