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   Chapter 189 Rumors About The Yun Family (Part One)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 5943

Updated: 2020-03-02 12:17

Brian was doing cooking in the kitchen. Charles was also in the kitchen. Emily went to the table where she had been yesterday. However, she was in a totally different mood now.

Brian was perfect in all perspectives. His appearance must inherit from his mother, who she hadn't met. After all, although Adam was good-looking when he was young, he was definitely not as good as Brian, so he was more inherited from his mother.

As Brian was there, Charles just help him carry things, of course, the things that within his reach. After all, even if he had a perfect intelligence, his height was not up to his intelligence. This made Charles sad, but he could do nothing. He was only seven years old.

Looking at the two people in the kitchen who looked like each other, Emily had a strong sense of happiness. Maybe it was not bad to continue like this. After getting along with Brian slowly, she began to enjoy her quiet life.

Those terrible, sad and unforgettable memories were not so painful any longer, because every time she remembered those memories, a pair of warm hands pulled her out of the past memory, and would not let her sink into it.

If it went on like this, the reason why she came to this city would become more and more blurred and she didn't know whether it would disappear in the end.

"Give me the things in the bag at the door, Emily."

"What? Oh!" With no more hesitation, Emily got up and walked out of the room. Then she saw something at the door.

There were some tomato paste inside the bag. It should be bought by Brian yesterday. She asked, "Did you go to the supermarket?"

When she passed them over to Brian, he nodded. With a smile on her face, she said, "Won't people surround you when you go to the supermarket like this?"

"I'm going to continue my study."

"Charles, how do you plan to go, huh? You can walk or take a taxi. That's not your style."

Charles had never treated himself badly, especially when it came to cars. That was his favorite.

"I'll hitch a ride with my beauty."

"Oh my God! A seven-year-old boy, I guess, he will only show a little bit of his charm in front of us. It's hard to say in front of others. You'd better not to hurt your self-esteem. What if you can't bear it?"

"Mommy, is it really so mean to your son?"

"Oh, am I not telling you the truth?"

"Mommy..." Even with head broken, blood flowing, beauty couldn't be lost.

"Oh, I see. If you don't mind, I can ask Murphy to come and see you off. I think that girl must be very happy to see you off,"

Emily's words directly hit Charles. His face turned dejected at once. He pleaded, "Mommy, it's all my fault! We have to let it go!"

To be honest, Charles was a little afraid of Murphy, not because he was afraid of this woman, but because of her hands. He wanted to grow up healthily and make everyone stunned in the future. Therefore, the best way for him to escape from her was to run as far as he could.

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