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   Chapter 187 Passion (Part Two)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 5900

Updated: 2020-03-02 05:45

"Have you already known that Selina and Ray are planning a trap for you?"

"Why don't you think that I escaped after falling into their scheme?"

"Humph, you wouldn't still be so energetic if you were trapped by them." If Selina really wanted to drug Brian, then she must be very cruel to make Brian completely sober.

Smiling, Brian pulled the quilt and said, "I was suspicious before, but later I found out what was going on. The restaurant that Ray chose was controlled by Sean, so I have already known it before."

Emily nodded. She wasn't surprised that Sean was in charge of the hotel. After all, the people who were close to Brian were all unusual. One was the Su family, and the other was the Dylan family. Although Emily couldn't figure out what kind of family Sean was in now, she had a hunch that Sean was the most mysterious one.

Sean did not work in the World International, so Emily didn't know what he was in charge of, nor did she investigate him. After all, the other three people in the World International were too strong and powerful, so it was easy to hide the light of Sean and let others neglect him.

What's more, although seemingly simple, the more easygoing Sean was, the more he was able to handle some things. Besides, Brian had a close relationship with Sean which was just easily ignored by people.

"So what?" Emily kept asking even though it seemed that it was not the right time for her to think about Sean now.

"I turned to advantage their plot." Said Brian.

"So who is in the room now? Ray and Selina?"

Brian nodded his head and smiled. It turned out that they set a trap for themselves. It was interesting. "Mr. Brian, I admire you."

"I'm just treating them in the way they treated me."

If Ray hadn


With a smile, Brian clenched his fist harder. He knew why Emily was so annoyed. She hated Star very much, not because Star destroyed her purity, but because his parents were implicated in.

In Emily's eyes, the Tristan couple gave her a warm place to stay. They gave her a home at the beginning. She accepted them as her father and mother. But they left indirectly because of the Star's behavior.

However, Star had also said that she didn't want to do it in the beginning, but she had lost her mind in front of love. Now, she seemed to have paid for her unreasonable love. She had lost her original job and her marriage. She even lost her family's love.

Brian didn't sympathize with Star, and he knew that Emily didn't sympathize with her either. He also knew that Emily would not be afraid of others treating her badly but feared that someone was kind to her. Emily could remember all her life's good intentions from others.

Now Emily was surprised to see Star was so kind, so she would be very annoyed. However, Brian also knew that Emily might still go to look for Star in the end. He didn't why but he just could feel that Emily might actually do that.

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