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   Chapter 183 The Trap (Part One)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 6333

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"It's not a coincidence to meet you here, is it?" Brian came here for business. After he saw his business partner off, he ran into Ray here.

"Of course, I'm waiting for you." Said Ray, sitting on one side.

"Oh, is there anything to talk about between us?"

"I heard that Dad went to see you the other day." Said Ray proudly.

From the way that Ray had behaved, Brian thought he would be unable to leave for the time being, so he sat down slowly and said, "Yes."

"The DNA test is fake?" Said Ray directly.

With a smile, Brian said, "I don't think he told you. When did the obedient young master of the Yun clan investigate the matter behind my back?"

"I am bound to make progress, aren't I?"

"So what's up today. If you come for this, I don't have anything to tell you. Besides, I behave like now and that's what you want."

Ray's eyes narrowed slightly. "I always think we don't have any hatred, but Brian, you seem bad every time you see me. Why didn't you dislike me?"

"You must be kidding. You've been the one who has always been hostile to me, right?" And his eyes were sharp. This made it very hard for Ray to turn him down.

Ray thought he had covered it well, but he didn't know that in the eyes of others, he was just a clown performing alone.

"Why?" Ray asked.

Brian didn't answer. He took the wine on the table, slowly poured himself some wine, shook the glass and sniffed it. "It tastes good."

"It will be your taste."

"Well, it's not easy for you to know me so well."

"It's Miss Xia's favorite. I'm sure you'll like it."

"That was hard for you to investigate it" Brian swirled the wine around in his glass. In fact, he didn't care much about wine before, but he was slowly into it because of Emily.

As for why did Ray know Emily's taste, he must have done an investigation. As for why he investigated it, Brian didn't want to figu

CEO of the World International, nor the Mr. Brian of the Yun family. Nobody knew who he was. This unknown fact made Ray panic.

"Don't say that. You are cruel, too." He looked directly at Ray, as if he was able to see through all the secrets in his heart.

Such a look shocked Ray, who tried hard to hold back the fear in his hand and said, "I'm flattered."

"No, I'm just telling the truth. After all, how can I deny that half of our blood is the same?"

Ray didn't say anything and Brian drank the wine off. Ray stared at Brian.

"Would you like a drink?" He shook his glass.

"No, thanks. I don't like drinking," Said Ray.

"Yes, I forgot. You like drinking tea all the time." Looking at the cup of tea in front of Ray, Brian asked, "How's the tea today?"

"Not bad. I like it." said Ray, confused

"I'm glad you like it. I specially prepared it for you." He suddenly showed a mischievous smile.

Hearing this, Ray knocked over the tea cup in his hand and looked at Brian in disbelief. "You, you..."

"What's wrong with me?"

"What did you put in the tea?"

"I put the tea in it naturally. What can I put in it? Or do you think I put something in it?"

A mixed feeling crept up on Ray's face. He wondered what was wrong with him.

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