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   Chapter 181 Meeting (Part Two)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 6205

Updated: 2020-03-01 00:24

"Don't mention it. It's my duty to help the CEO with his work."

"Oh, it turns out that Assistant Xiao really knows your identity."

"I'm flattered. I just do what I have to do."

"Is that so? Assistant Xiao is competent in business, but you don't seem to be honest in daily life. I heard that you have been married in your hometown, but it seems that you have a beautiful wife here. I'm not sure which one is your true wife."

A big smile spread across Ray's face. Assistant Xiao's face turned pale. "The general manager has told that you just heard that. So you can't take it seriously."

"I also think so. After all, Assistant Xiao has been working for my father for so many years, so you should know how to do it well. I don't know what my father has been busy with recently. I'm very worried about his health, so please tell me about his condition later. I won't disturb you now."

After Ray left, Assistant Xiao looked at his back and sighed with helplessness. Finally, he went to Ray's office after leaving Adam's.

"What do you know, President Yun?" Asked Assistant Xiao bluntly.

"What has my father been investigating?" Actually, Ray didn't want to be euphemistic at all.

After some hesitation, Assistant Xiao finally said, "The president is investigating Mr. Brian."


Assistant Xiao nodded.

"What did you find out?"

Assistant Xiao hesitated for a while and finally opened his mouth, "The paternity test report on Mr. Brian was fake. Brian is the his biological son."

The smile on Ray's face disappeared. No wonder Adam frequently looked him up and down recently. He even mentioned Brian time to time in business. Did Adam dislike him because of the fact that Brian was his son?

It was such a proud thing to have the son of the CEO of the World International. However, Brian had given up everything whe

o his own business." Then Emily continued her moves.

Jim glared at her, speechless with rage. From his point of view as a man, Brian would like to be connected with her every day.

"What are you going to do?" Jim looked at Emily washing vegetables.

Squinting at Jim, Emily said, "Of course I'm cooking. Or else, why do I wash vegetables? I don't think they can be displayed in an exhibition like a work of art."

"Who will do it? Don't tell me you will!" Jim got goose bumps.

With an impatient look on her face, Emily asked, "Who else will do it except me?"

Oh my God! Jim had an impulse of regret to bring Charles here. It was absolutely a disaster if Emily made dishes in front of them. He should take these awful dishes back from Emily immediately.

"I still want to see the sun tomorrow. Miss Emily, please don't do that." Jim was so frightened that he just wouldn't let go of the dishes.

"Come on, don't go too far. I'm an extraordinary cook."

Jim still didn't want to see the disaster in the kitchen.

"Mommy, you can just sit on the sofa and watch TV. Uncle and I will do this for you." It was rare that Charles didn't refute Jim this time. As for Emily's ability in cook, he had a same idea with Jim.

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