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   Chapter 165 Conspire (Part One)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 6233

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"Oh, is that because she couldn't unite the Xia clan and then chose the other way? She really didn't want to give up."

"I have told you the news. Lady Emily, what's your decision?"

"They must be playing a dirty trick behind me. Let's see who will be the winner."

Alice knew that this would be the result. Emily was a very unusual person and she wouldn't let herself lose.

"By the way, Brian has begun to attack the capital chain of the Locke family. We can do it under the protection of the World International."

Hearing that, Alice frowned. She knew why Brian did that. He was a powerful man and should not be looked down upon because he would spare no pains to protect Emily who was exposed to danger.

"I have go. Just wait here." Emily then walked out of the room as quickly as she could.

At noon, Emily got the watch that she wanted. Looking at the watch in her hand, she drove happily to the World International.

Charles couldn't reconcile himself to this. Now his mother didn't even call him when she got the watch, which meant he had already lost his position in her heart.

This thought made Charles feel quite unhappy. He should speed up to go home, otherwise there would really be no status for him.

At this moment, all the affairs here had been handled. When Emily came to the World International, Brian had been having a meeting. Emily was quite familiar with the way to his office. Looking at the exquisite packing in her hand, she smiled faintly.

When Zoey called her, the look in Emily's eyes changed. Of course, she knew why Zoey called her at this time.

"How is it going?" Emily asked directly.

"Come here when you have time. Let's talk about it when we meet." The tone of Zoey was slightly serious.

"Well, I'm in the World International now. I'll go there later." Now that Zoey had said so, he must fi

his mother died. Someone must have hidden it from him." Otherwise, Brian must have done a thorough investigation. Even if the woman left him behind, she was still his mother anyway.

"Zoey, can you ask this person back?" Obviously, Emily was referring to the man shown on the document.

"Yes." Zoey always satisfy Emily's request.

"Keep an eye on him. As for Melissa, I have to think about how to deal with her." Emily's eyes turned dark, as if something interesting came to her mind. However, there was no doubt that this seemingly interesting thing had challenged her bottom line.

Of course, Zoey had no objection to the way that Emily dealt with things.

On the way home, Emily thought for a while and finally dialed a number. She had some questions to ask. Although she knew the phone number when she investigated Brian, she didn't care about it because it didn't matter. Unexpectedly, it came in handy at this time.

As soon as Andy returned from the simulation battle, he received a call as soon as he turned on his phone. When he saw the strange number, he was obviously stunned, but he still answered it.

"Excuse me, who are you?" Andy replied politely.

"Are you Andy? I'm Emily. Oh, I guess you don't know me."

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