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   Chapter 161 Shopping in The Mall

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"Go ahead. What's the matter?"

"Got it." Adam uttered something that Brian didn't understand.

"What do you mean?" Brian asked directly. He didn't want to put on an act with his father anymore.

"The paternity test is fake." Guilt and regret filled his voice.

It was not until now that Brian realized why Adam would regret. "So?" he asked. So what? Did he still want to acknowledge Brian as his son who was kicked out of the house by himself?

"Why did you do that?" Even though he would be badly injured, he wanted to ask Brian. He was mentally prepared for the worst outcome.

"It turns out you are coming to blame me." Brian smiled.

"No, I just want to know."

"Don't you already know?" Even though they were not as close as a father and son, he could guess what was going on in Adam's mind.

"As I expected, what good is it for you to test your father like this?" Adam said bitterly.

"You know what? At the time when the paternity test certificate was just released, I asked Emily whether she believed it or not. Do you know what she said?"

Adam didn't say anything. Brian smiled and said: "With a faint glance at me, she didn't believe it. The thing that even Emily didn't believe in was trusted by someone who had been my father for so many years. What good does it do to me? The benefits are to cut off the Yun family as soon as possible and say goodbye to the Yun clan."

Adam's face turned pale.

"Do you think I'm willing to grab the shares of the Yun group? Do you think I'm going to fight for the shares of the Yun group? In fact, the moment my mother left that family, I didn't like the property of the Yun family at all. It was my grandfather who begged me to stay at that home. Grandpa said that after all, you were my father, no matter what had happened, you wouldn't be merciless. So I stayed. But unfortunately, that family was too disappointing. And I already gave up on you. I don't think grandpa will blame me for this. "

Adam clenched his fists so hard that his face turned blue, "Why do you pretend to be a playboy? If you are not..."

"Do you want to say that if I were not the playboy in the Yun family, you wouldn't have hated me so much and believed in the certificate, and wouldn't have driven me out of the Yun family?"

Adam stared at Brian with a complicated look. It seemed like what he said was true.

Brian smirked and replied, "Why? Why should I live for you? Isn't it enough for you to have a son like Ray who always obeys your orders at home? Besides, I have freedom to decide what I want and you have no right to interfere with my life."

"Mr. Yun, please don't say 'if' or 'regret' now. You are no longer qualified. You do all of this only because you don't understand me."

Brian stood up and said, "I don't like the dishes on the table sinc

ds frequently.

They didn't know that Emily didn't know much about the famous brands, because according to her words, it was troublesome, so she didn't keep it in mind. Anyway, since she had Charles, she certainly didn't need to know the detail. But now what's wrong? She couldn't find a suitable gift. She wouldn't be so miserable, would she?

"Madam, that... The designer of the watch that the CEO is wearing releases another one this month. We have pictures here. Do you want to... "

Before she could finish her words, Emily could not wait to interrupt, "Give it to me quickly."

The shop assistant immediately took the card. The pattern was black and white and the theme was ink painting. It was elegant and noble, different from the enchanting temperament of Brian. But for some reason, Emily felt that the watch was suitable, which made Brian looked more introverted.

"Just it. Where is it now?"

"I'm sorry, my lady. This watch will be released tomorrow. And it would be less than that one."

"Well, you don't need to worry about it. Thanks." Emily left with the card happily.

The saleslady exclaimed that their CEO and his wife must love each other very much. She could tell that their CEO's wife thought so much for him that it was really enviable.

While Emily was strolling upwards, she called her son. It took a long time before the call was answered.

"Mommy, do you miss me? Don't worry. Grandpa has almost recovered. I will be back soon."

"Well, there's no rush. I have an important task for you. This is my annual great request."

"Oh my God! Mommy, don't frighten me! My heart can't stand it."

"Well, is there anything that you can't stand?"

Suddenly, a noisy voice came from the other end of the line. Emily asked, "Boy, where are you now? It's so noisy."

"Mommy, of course I am out for a walk. Should I always stay in the room?"

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