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   Chapter 159 Excellent Master (Part One)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 6359

Updated: 2020-02-25 00:14

Philip knew that if he moved, the bullet aimed at him would break his head in an instant. Of course, James could not avoid the snipers, but he could not risk his life.

Charles thought Philip was such a weak person that he didn't have the courage to risk his life.

James agreed with Charles. If they really fought with each other, they might not be able to get away with it safely. However, the other side cherished their lives too much. Apparently, they had expected this.

The blood soon filled everyone's eyes, but they were accustomed to the bloody scenes, so they felt nothing.

"Now that the matter has been solved, I think Mr. Philip may not have the mood to invite us to have dinner. We will leave now."

Philip's face turned pale with anger. Charles and his people were undoubtedly slapping them in the face and giving them threat. However, they could do nothing but watch. It had been a long time since Philip hated someone so much.

As soon as James turned around, he heard a gunshot and saw that Charles shot at one of the men from the Locke family. Or for a second later, that man would pull the trigger, aiming at James.

"It turns out that the Locke clan is playing such a shameless thing. I'm really impressed. But in this case, I also have a gift for you."

He took out a button from his pocket and pressed it. At that moment, the door of the Locke family was ruined. Half of the house was on fire.

Looking at the red fireworks, Charles said, "The quality of the bullets looks good. I think Mr. Philip could just stay here and watch us leave. You'd better go back to have a look. After all, it might soon be burned into the armory if you don't control the fire."

The silver wolf mask exuded a fierce look, which made Philip almost grit his teeth. Deep in his heart, he swore that they were at daggers drawn with the Heavenly Shadow, so he turned around and went

tomorrow's sunset. Charles, we can't judge how other people's life is like, because we are not them. We just have to follow the path we have chosen and be happy. It's not about age. "

It was rare to hear such earnest words from James, but in a moment, he spit out his cigarette slowly.

"You are lucky to be found by me when you were five. Otherwise, I don't know where you are now." James was back to his usual carefree self.

"Don't say that. You almost died when I was five years old. If I didn't save you and sent you to your den, I don't know where you are now." As he spoke, he didn't know why he saved this man who might be a disaster to him.

"So I have always been grateful to meet you in my life. If I had a son like you, I would have been awakened by my dream with a smile. So what are you still worried about?"

If it wasn't for Charles' help in the first place, James might have died. At that time, he felt grateful for the courage of Charles. When he knew that Charles could be so calm when being chased, and could even help solve the killers. Charles was so generous and powerful that he had made up his mind at that time to give the position of young master of the Heavenly Shadow to Charles, and now it seemed that he made the right choice.

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