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   Chapter 157 Ouch! How to Fight Him Down (Part Two)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 6377

Updated: 2020-02-24 00:33

"Yes, he has. Besides, Brian has saved my boss." Haze replied frankly.

Thinking of that, Emily became a little interested. She wondered why Zoey had never told her about this. What was the reason?

"I guess he didn't mention it to you, or he doesn't know how to mention it."

Listening to Haze quietly, Emily felt guilty for this, because during the past seven years, she had been out of touch with Zoey and he was involved in her brother's plan.

On the other hand, Haze didn't mean to blame Emily. The reason was very simple. Because all the paths were selected by Zoey himself and his choice was his own choice. Even if he had chosen it for the other reasons at the beginning, there was no need to regret.

"Five years ago, boss was set up and almost lost his life. He was saved by a business man, Brian. Brian may have forgotten what happened, but boss knows it clearly."

With these thoughts in her mind, Emily had a hunch that within the past few years, Zoey would do something stealthily to make his forces come in handy for her.

When Emily held Zoey's hand, she hadn't expected that Zoey would do anything for her. She had been merely attracted by the blue eyes. Then in order to make the blue eyes shine again, she had destroyed a force herself.

When the man found out that she took actions without authorization, that man tormented her for three days. But she didn't explain anything to him, not to mention anything about Zoey. Even if she almost died in that three days, she obstinately survived.

Emily never regretted that she had saved Zoey, but she really regretted that she had caused Zoey to embark on a path of no return.

Seven years ago, Emily could imagine what choices her brother offer to Zoey. Zoey could either appear by her side to protect her when she had lost her memory, giving him the opportunity to give love, or not to appear in front of her, making

p, so the matter was almost over.

So, when James got into the car shamelessly, Moore and Charles didn't kick him out. Moreover, they were going to a banquet today, so it would be more fun if there were more people. Most importantly, the victim of the matter had to be on the spot.

If it was possible, Charles really wanted to change another person, but the fact in front of him was that he couldn't do it, so he just made do with James.

"Do you think the second son of the Locke family can bring the Locke family out?" Finally, James had known about Charles' plan.

Yesterday, Charles politely sent the card to the Locke family, saying that he would visit. He was quite hypocritical when saying that. He said that the Locke family left something outside and had been found by them. They were kind enough to pick it up and sent it to them when they were free.

It seemed like a declaration of war. The Locke family must be preparing for it carefully. But looking at the expression on Charles' face, he didn't flinch. He was bold, but James had expected that Charles' action for a long time. After all, Charles had been thinking about an attack to the Locke family long ago. Now there was such a good opportunity, if Charles did nothing, it was quite strange.

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