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   Chapter 143 The Father And Son

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9359

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Charles picked up his schoolbag and walked out of the classroom expertly. The people who followed him in the dark were very helpless. They didn't know whether they should report it or not. While they were hesitating, Charles had walked behind them in unknown steps.

"Dear uncles, I miss Mr. John so much today. You are his men, right? So will you drive me there or take me there?"

Suddenly, a pair of big eyes flashed. The eyes were clear, but with a glow that could not be refused. Therefore, the group of people nodded in agreement.

So when he arrived at John's office, he thanked them politely. However, he could clearly feel the sadness in their eyes, which he didn't understand. He just asked them to help him there. Why did they feel so sad?

Of course, Charles didn't know how much he had hurt those people's self-confidence. They, who were skillful and arranged by John, had been found by a seven-year-old child again and again.

Charles even played with them for a while, which was a blow to their confidence. Moreover, they were ordered to protect the child. Did such a child need protection? Was it true that they didn't take the wrong order?

He walked into the car with his jaunty steps. Apparently, the people in the car had called John in advance, so as soon as he entered the door, John had taken the elevator down.

John had heard about the situation before, but when he saw Charles, he couldn't help but ask, "Why did you come here alone? Ask someone to follow you in the future."

"Uncle John, your people sent me here in person." Said Charles with a smile.

However, her words didn't eliminate the seriousness in John's eyes.

"Oh, uncle John, I miss you so much. There are so many people here. Who would have free time to think about a seven-year-old child?"

Normally, people wouldn't have the mood to do that, but it was a different thing when the seven-year-old boy was the son of the CEO of the World International and Fern. Besides, it was not peaceful in T City now.

"Uncle John, why do you always frown at me? Am I not welcome here? You make me sad."

John felt helpless because he had been defeated by Charles, whom not only Emily's elder brother but also Emily had no way to do with.

"Let's go." He led Charles to the dining room. It seemed that he had known that this boy was a real foodie long before, so there were many desserts on the table.

"Tell me, what do you want from me?" John said and saw Charles rushed to desserts after coming in.

"Haven't I said that I just miss Uncle John?" Charles grinned broadly.

"Do you know that you and your mother look like each other? I know how much your words can be trusted."

"Uncle John knows my mommy so well,"

"Sort of."

Charles put down the dessert and said, "Uncle

ge and still had extraordinary deterrence, Emily didn't want to disturb his quietness. Emily would like to solve the problem by herself.

"Yes, I know. Uncle John, although I'm only seven years old, I know that new talents come out from the clans. A new generation changes the old, and the world will change."

Her bright smile was like a beam of light from the polar region, lighting up half of the planet. John was shocked by Charles's words, but Charles had hailed a taxi and bid farewell to him.

Looking at the car running away with a smile on his face, John thought, 'He is indeed Brian's son. They spoke out the same words in different voices and his manner was admirable, which had nothing to do with age.'.

In spite of this, John still called Brian and told him about Charles' situation, while asking someone to follow him, even though he seemed to be safe and sound.

When Brian received the phone call from John, Emily was not with Brian. Since there was something urgent on Alice's side, Alice called her to go there. Since Emily's hand had been cured, Brian was relieved.

When Brian was about to send Emily, Emily said.

"Well, Brian, even the World International doesn't need you, you have to see what the occasion is. You'd better not go with us to have a private talk. By the way, do you have a crush on Alice? Do you want to compete with Vincent? I think you will lose. In consideration of the identity of Su family, you have been left far behind for a few streets. I just take you because of my kindness."

As a result, Brian stayed in the World International obediently and then sent his assistant to send all the documents that he needed to deal with today to Vincent. He said that he wanted him to exercise his brain so that he wouldn't fall behind. Vincent laughed bitterly there as if he almost wanted to kill Brian directly.

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