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   Chapter 142 Emotional Attachment (Part Two)

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 6016

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"Oh!" Emily raised her voice, which amused Brian. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just smelt something suspicious."

Brian smiled, "You mean Mike and Murphy?"

"Or what? You?"

Shaking his head, Brian said, "If that's really what you guessed, they would have to experience a lot of twists and turns."

"What? Are you afraid that uncle Duan won't agree?" After all, according to Duan family background, it was likely to become resistance, but Emily felt that Jeremy was not such a person.

"Uncle Jeremy is not that kind of person. As long as Murphy likes Mike, uncle Jeremy won't stop her. You can see what kind of person Murphy is now."

Emily nodded. If it were not for the connivance and indulgence, Murphy wouldn't be so naive, simple, kindhearted and not unpleasing.

"Then what?" If it wasn't for the Duan family, then what else could it be.

"Mike himself."

"The family of Dylan?" That was what Emily thought of when she met Mike.

Brian shook his head, "On the one hand, it's his clan, but the most important thing is Mike himself."

In Mike's eyes, he had been involved with a lot of dirty things. Emily could imagine how restless the heirs of Dylan family were. To Mike, Murphy was too proud, kind, simple and sometimes naive as a little girl. All of these were something that Mike hardly touched.

However, looking at Brian with a charming smile, Emily asked, "Brian, do you want to take a bet with me? I have a hunch that they will be together sooner or later." She was so confident, arrogant and fascinating.

Smiling, Brian said, "It is unwise to bet with you, but I believe you."

"Well, it's really boring." She had no idea who spread the news that she was good at betting. She could hardly find a person to bet with now. But she felt delighted in her hea

ved that he had the ability to protect himself in such a chaotic situation, and that he had the power to protect Emily in the future.

"Okay." Emily didn't know what else to say except for giving him a nod. It was her luck to have met Brian, and it was her luck to obtain this love.

Charles didn't want to go to school these days. Early this morning, Moore had sent him a report about the Locke family. He never thought that the person behind the Locke family was that man. He only heard of the person from the public, and also heard that he no longer existed.

However, somehow, he had a hunch that things were not that simple. His mother was a member of the Locke family, and the Locke family had something to do with that man. His mother had been living in the Locke family for a short time and never showed up again. Looking at her face, he guessed that she was escaping from someone.

He didn't know whom she was hiding from, but he always felt that the Locke family didn't seem to be enough. Who was he? Who was behind the clan? And what was the relationship between the legendary family and his mother? There were more and more mysteries about it, and perhaps someone knew the truth.

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