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   Chapter 141 Emotional Attachment (Part One)

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Glancing at Mike and Murphy, with a playful smile on his face, Sean said, "You are the younger sister of our boss, and we will certainly escort you away."

"Boss?" Murphy felt strange. She didn't know anyone who looked like a big boss.

"Well, Brian, I call him boss."

"Okay!" Replied Murphy. Then she turned around and saw Mike leaving. She was surprised that Mike seemed to care about her. Was she wrong?

She had no idea. Only the silent night went on quietly.

Emily had sensed something different when she came to the World International and saw Mike and Vincent. Her eyes and brows arched, as she stared at Mike and Vincent playfully.

"Emily, what happened? Why are you staring at me like that? It's so scary! I don't even want to think about anything!" Vincent said with a smile.

Mike raised his head and stared at her indifferently.

"I didn't know I was such a charming woman. HMM, not bad."

Hearing what Emily said, Vincent was flustered. Mike still didn't say a word. In his opinion, it was better not to say anything in front of Emily, in case he was taken aback by the sudden thunder and lightning.

"Well, I know I'm very charming. But what happened to you last night? You two seem have something to hide from me." Said Emily, looking at them.

"Haha... What are you talking about, Emily?" he asked awkwardly.

Mike still insisted on his familiar actions. He shut his mouth and Emily looked at them, with a slight smile on her face.

"Yo, don't you know what I'm saying? Hey, Brian, don't you want to say something? Your two brothers must have gone to enjoying themselves last night. "

Brian raised his head and glanced at them: "I don't care. I just want to know whether you will cheat on me or not. I don't have much time to other people."

"Wow, Mr. Yun, it's you who indulged in dissipation. I always keep my life clean, but yo

gain? All the people felt helpless. It was not that Sean did something wrong, but it seemed that he did nothing right. But this time it was an exception. After all, it was really interesting.

Mike couldn't avoid the people's stare, and he said, "Miss Murphy, last night, she was attacked by several people in the Charm with bad language. I happened to be there and helped her, and that's all."

Mike was too serious about the matter that it was impossible to give any interesting information.

"How is she?" Brian asked. He always took good care of Murphy.

"Nothing." Mike replied.

"I guess she went to the party without informing her father. You don't have to tell her father and just arrange several people to deal with it."

Mike nodded. His face remained calm, but the look on his face was different from his usual cold demeanor.

Meanwhile, Emily was quietly watching Mike, and didn't say a word after they left.

"How long has Mike known Murphy?"

"Not many times."

In the past, the identity of Brian hadn't been exposed to the public, so he had nothing to do with the World International. Mike was the vice president of the World International. Although Brian had a good relationship with Murphy, Mike hadn't met her often.

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