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   Chapter 140 The Fight

Uncontrollable Fondness By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9019

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Mike still drank the wine himself after Sean left. The wound on his hand was no longer as frightening as before after it was bandaged again. It would heal with time sooner or later, just like the tattoo with the family name on his hand could be washed away.

It was a pity that what was erased was always the surface. Even if the inner scars were covered up, they would eventually leave traces. For him, that's the case. For Emily, those memories are not shallow. Those scars would be extremely deep. Mike was sure that she had experienced much more.

Mike was struggling in the past memories, wondering whether he was walking now in order to face the past better or promise the future better. In fact, sometimes, he didn't know it. He was immersed in sadness, and then he seemed to see the familiar figure, simple and kindhearted, just like an angel, waking up his falling body in darkness.

"Come on, Anna. Don't be silly. Don't be fooled." Brian said seriously.

With her sleeves rolled up, Murphy was about to rush to the man opposite directly, "How dare you touch me? Don't you want your hands? I'm a grown-up and nobody dares to take advantage of me. Today, I must beat you to a pulp that even your mother can't recognize."

As she was angry, there was also a hint of ferocity on her face, but it was easy to suppress the anger on the small face, and it was not as terrifying as it should be.

"Hey, little girl. We came here to have fun. Don't act like you are a lady in a boudoir. Come here to find excitement. Come with me, and I'll give you a lot of love."

Damn it! Murphy was really pissed off. She just came to celebrate her birthday with her classmates. The management over the Charm bar was good. Nothing went wrong before, so she wouldn't be worried about herself. She didn't expect to meet such a scoundrel. The moral of the world is changing fast.

"Bah, don't you look at yourself? Do you know who I am? It's really an insult for you to say the word from your mouth."

Murphy was not a coward, let alone to deal with such a rogue.

"You have a sharp tongue, little girl. It doesn't matter. I like you, so just have fun with me tonight." He pounced on Murphy.

Murphy picked up the bottle on the table and smashed it on that man's head. The sound shocked everyone.

The man hit by Murphy covered his head with his hand, and the alcohol was left on the man's head. The blood was mixed with the wine, but Murphy was too weak to hit the man to fall in a faint.

"Damn it! What an unappreciative girl! Guys, tie her up. Let her see how formidable I am tonight."

The brawny men who surrounded Murphy got closer to her with malicious intentions, and she t

their sister-in-law. However, it was their own imagination. After all, their boss only treated Murphy as his sister.

But it didn't take a long time to handle with the people. Mike's hands didn't get any injury. These people were just ordinary.

When everything was done, Sean walked out in a dandiacal manner. "How are you? Are you feeling better now?"

"I wonder since when such bad people can come to Charm."

Hearing that, Sean could not help but feel flustered. With a smile on his face, he said, "I made a mistake."

Then he sent people to clean up the mess. As for the people of the gang, they would probably not be able to see them again in Charm. Of course, it depended on their luck to be in this city. As long as they didn't brother Mike, Sean would not care about them at all.

"Well, you must be the deputy CEO of Brian's company. Thank you very much." Murphy had met him at his birthday party. But at that time, he looked so intimidating that she didn't dare to get close to him. Now, she thought he was kind of handsome.

"You're welcome. Don't go to such occasions by yourself in the future. Let your family follow you."

"Well, it's too troublesome to have them behind me. I'm too grown-up to be followed by them all day long. I want to have some personal space."

Without answering her, Mike said, "Don't do that again."

Mike looked at Murphy for a while and then looked away. But there was something that Murphy couldn't understand.

"I'll ask someone to send you back."

"I can go with my classmate." Murphy didn't want to make more trouble.

Glancing at the girls who were huddling up, Mike replied, "I'll ask them to wait for you at the gate." It seemed that she was not allowed to refuse him, which made Murphy feel strange. Did he have to do that?

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